WATCH: 7 Arrested as Trans Activists Disrupt Montana Legislature and Bring Proceedings to Halt

Rep. Zooey Zephyr encouraging activists at the Montana House. (Credit: Montana Freedom Caucus)

The Montana House has been having a debate over the banning of the gender transitioning of minor children, or “gender-affirming” care, as the Orwellian people like to term the mutilation of children. Montana Rep. Zooey Zephyr — who is transgender — attacked colleagues claiming that if her colleagues supported the bill, they would have “blood on their hands.” That violated the rules of decorum for attacking colleagues.


After Zephyr’s remarks, Republican Speaker Matt Regier demanded that Zephyr apologize before being allowed to speak again in the chamber.

“Not only has my colleague violated decorum, but has broken the trust given by the other 99 Representatives,” Montana state representative Braxton Mitchell told Fox News Digital. “The hate-filled remarks were an act of self-service, not public service.”

“I applaud the Speaker and Majority Leader for giving my colleague opportunities to rectify the consequences of this stunt,” the Republican lawmaker added. “Since the hateful attack on the House, the Representative has tried to create further opportunities to seek media attention. We will not stand for it.”

In other words, they accused Zephyr of doing it for attention, much like the three Tennesee lawmakers did, who then got invited on television shows and even visited the White House on Monday. So Zephyr wasn’t allowed to speak Thursday and Friday.

On Monday, protesters then assembled trying to obstruct the official proceeding of the Montana House, flooding into the observation gallery, chanting, “Let her speak!” They brought things to a standstill as the legislators were trying to get a bill about banning minors from drag shows. It’s insane that that’s even a question. But that’s what’s going on now — that’s what radicals are for, it seems.


Zephyr held up a non-functioning mic, appearing to encourage and support the actions of the protesters.

But it didn’t end well for the radicals. They forget it’s Montana where law enforcement does arrest people, unlike in many Democratic-operated areas.


They were forcibly removed from the gallery.

This very genteel officer was trying to explain what happened and noted referred to the protester as “she” and “her” as her friends then yelled out that she goes by “they.”

For some reason the police also let them pontificate to the media before they were taken away, which was a little ridiculous. These folks just disrupted an official proceeding — take them off to the hoosegow.


At least seven protesters were arrested on Monday, according to the Helana Independent Record. Police from the Montana Highway Patrol, and the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Officers, were involved.

Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton said there were seven arrests for criminal trespass. All were arrested by the Montana Highway Patrol. Dutton said via a text message “MHP is doing the paperwork now and we will book and release without requiring bond.”

Criminal trespass is a misdemeanor, Dutton said.

Zephyr had met with the protesters beforehand outside the building, so this may be another example of a legislator encouraging such actions to disrupt an official proceeding.


Democrats are encouraging such “insurrections,” from Joe Biden on down. It isn’t “democracy,” the radicals are disrupting the real democratic process.

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