Fetterman Gets Blasted, Excites a Lot of Comment After Holding up Questionable Flag

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After John Fetterman had a stroke, he should have retired from his campaign for a Pennsylvania Senate seat. But instead, Democrats kept him in the race, not seeming to care about the effect it might have on his health, even though they saw all the problems he experienced during the campaign. What they also didn’t tell us before was that he had previously suffered from depression. So after he won and then had to do his job, he then had to check into Walter Reed Hospital for severe depression and was there for about six weeks.


Fetterman returned to the Senate this past week, showing up in a hoodie and gym shorts, but not answering any questions last Monday. Then during the week, he had to chair a subcommittee meeting. Even his reading from prepared remarks was a struggle and caused controversy.

But now he’s managed to get even more comments going with a tweet he put out this week with a photo of himself holding up a flag depicting marijuana, promoting pot usage, saying, “It’s 420 somewhere.”

“It’s 4:20 on 4/20. That’s the tweet,” Fetterman tweeted. 4/20 is considered “weed day” by potheads.

He’d also posted another tweet talking about pot earlier in the day, claiming a “union” goes “great” with “weed.”

His tweet promoting weed had a lot of people criticizing him for something which is still illegal under federal law, a law that as a senator he’s supposed to be upholding. It’s also still illegal in Pennsylvania, the state that he’s supposed to be representing. Not exactly a shining moral example to set for the youth of America, or anyone else for that matter.


Donald Trump, Jr. got to the heart of the matter.

Others also noted that pot could adversely impact Fetterman’s mental health issues and that he’s already had great difficulties with comprehension. He should be the last person engaging in pot smoking. Taking such things might also explain some of the health difficulties he’s continuing to have. He’s not exactly an ad for the benefits of pot smoking with all the issues he’s suffered from.

Fetterman doesn’t seem to care about the law, except for pushing Joe Biden to work to decriminalize pot federally.

On the campaign trail, Fetterman called on President Biden to deschedule marijuana from its classification as a Schedule I drug and work to decriminalize it.

“It’s long past time that we finally decriminalize marijuana,” Fetterman said in a press release. “The president needs to use his executive authority to begin de-scheduling marijuana.”

Meanwhile, Democrats held his spot open, didn’t replace him, and did all kinds of things to downplay his issues. Even now they’re making all kinds of accommodations to deal with his issues in the Senate, and this is what they’re left with. It just shows how much they are willing to debase themselves to hold onto power. It’s pretty shameful that this is where we are now.

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