Biden Caught in Another Embarrassing 'Hot Mic' Moment at Green Energy Meeting

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden held the fourth virtual leader-level meeting of the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate on Thursday from that little fake stage that they built for him at the White House. One topic of his remarks was regarding the radical effort to force people into buying electric vehicles.


A little over a week ago, the Biden team unveiled the most aggressive tailpipe emissions ever as part of that effort.

This week, the Biden administration proposed a set of rules that, according to the White House, “could result in electrification of 67% of new sedans, crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks; 50% of new vocational vehicles (such as buses and garbage trucks); 35% of new short-haul freight tractors; and 25% of new long-haul freight tractors” by 2032.

The White House admitted this was about pushing a “clear pathway for a continued rise in EV sales.”

“The Biden administration is trying to bend every federal rule they can find to force people into buying EVs,” said Myron Ebell, the director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Energy and Environment. “There is still a market that allows drivers to buy the vehicles of their choice, but government coercion is rapidly limiting those choices.”

“If Biden policies are successful, we will soon have a choice between buying an EV and not being able to afford a vehicle at all,” Ebell added

Who’s the fascist here? Everything Biden and the Democrats push is about how much they can control us, on all these levels. When they control us down to what we choose to drive and eat, that’s not the free Republic that we were born to be.


But when Biden toddled out to start the virtual meeting, he got caught on a hot mic yet again. He complained to his climate czar John Kerry that he’d been left “standing out there waiting” in the hallway. The handlers or Kerry must have missed a cue to tell him what to too.

His gait looks very bad here as well. He keeps telling us, “Watch me.” We have, and it seems to keep getting worse.

He talks about “electrifying the government fleet.” But he doesn’t even electrify the cars that he’s driven around in or the huge SUV motorcade that goes with him, including overseas, as we saw with his trip last month to Canada where he was accompanied by dozens of gas-guzzling SUVs while he went to talk about climate change.

But this is all magical thinking, to begin with. To get to electric vehicles, you have all kinds of mining for the elements needed for things like the electric batteries in EVs in places like China and the Congo. That’s not only bad for the environment but often involves slave and child labor. Then how do you get the electricity for the vehicles? That’s often powered by fossil fuels.


But one has to ask that question again about Joe Biden being compromised again when he employs such magical thinking: why is he doing all he can against our energy independence while doing all kinds of things that would benefit China? Why doesn’t he care about their emissions or the slave labor? Why doesn’t he care about our energy independence? Why is he not calling out China on all the things he should be holding them to account for?

Power grids are already strained around the country, and this massive increase in electric vehicles would strain them even more. Plus, this would likely make gas vehicles more expensive when Biden has already cost Americans so much.

They’re rolling Biden out to explain all this. But no one is buying it.


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