Welcome to Gavin Newsom's California, Where the Looting Is Easy

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom has eyes on running for president if Joe Biden somehow moves out of the way. It’s why Newsom has been attacking red states, and in particular, Florida, trying to pick a fight with Gov. Ron DeSantis. He’s hoping that will up his national profile.


As my colleague Sister Toldjah explained, he’s dropping a ridiculous amount of money — “part of his $10 million campaign to visit red states (photos galore from which are on his Twitter page)” to “learn more about the right-wing assaults across the country.”

Here he was trying to sound presidential in Alabama.

So he wants to spend millions to attack other parts of the country? Not exactly a good look.

What’s funny is that places like Florida are doing far better than his state. It’s why people have fled California and other states like it by the hundreds of thousands.


He’s spending a lot of money to attack other places while he doesn’t seem to give a darn about the mess that he and other Democrats have made in the Golden State.

Let’s take a look at what he leaves behind whenever he leaves town — a completely out-of-control state, one which residents are fleeing. Look at the stark contrast between Newsom’s pictures in Florida and Alabama versus this.

This is what is happening in Newsom’s dominion. This was in Compton, at an Arco gas station near Alondra Boulevard and Central Avenue. The mob just rushed the store and broke in, grabbing thousands of dollars in items, including drinks, snacks, and alcohol. You can see one guy without a mask happily grabbing a lot of condoms. I’d say at least he’s practicing safe sex, but my guess is that he’ll probably try to sell them. The looters inflicted thousands of dollars in damage on the store.


What was the response of the police? They said that they weren’t able to address the issue because they were dealing with several illegal street takeovers, two of which involved up to 500 people, as well as break-ins. Their response: there were too many things happening at once and they were “outnumbered.” There was only one arrest out of all that — one guy who pointed a laser at a sheriff’s helicopter. There were also shots fired about a block away from the store that was looted but that didn’t result in any arrests either.

Even if they had tried to stop the looting, it’s California. That means there would be virtually no punishment for any of these people, even if you did arrest them. They would simply be let go, and likely not prosecuted at all. Most of these people who do this know they won’t suffer any real consequences.

Former Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Division Chief Patrick Jordan placed some of the blame where it belongs — on the politicians who do nothing to stop this kind of stuff, like Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon.


I’d add in Newsom too since this isn’t just happening in Los Angeles; it’s occurring regularly in other areas of California as well. Stores are fleeing because they just can’t deal with the crime anymore. This past week Whole Foods just shut down its flagship store in San Francisco because it can’t operate safely due to the drugs and deteriorating conditions in the area.

But Newsom is too busy trying to advance himself to care about the problems he’s supposed to be dealing with. Welcome to Newsom’s California, where the living is hard, but the looting is easy.


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