Newsom and First Partner Jen Siebel Grandstand and Face Plant in Alabama

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My colleague Sister Toldjah gave you the lowdown (emphasis on “low”) about California Governor Gavin Newsom’s visit to Florida. Hair Gel traipsed around the state, claiming to be concerned about kids allegedly not being taught “real history.” What he was really trying to do was get a rise out of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, while testing the waters for his shadow 2024 presidential run. It went as expected, with Newsom getting egged via social media and the press. Californians absconded to Florida for a reason, and it wasn’t to see His Hairfulness following on their heels.


This week, Hair Gel followed me to Alabama. His visit happened to coincide with my and my husband’s Southern road trip to the Yellowhammer State. You see, we are doing the California Adios sometime this Summer, and we’ve decided the state of Alabama is the place we want to be. Pray that we can find a U-Haul as, thanks to Newsom, you can’t get one in Cali anymore.

Newsom and First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom arrived as though they were the second coming, and did the usual grandstanding.  Like the opportunist he is, Newsom capitalized on the anniversary of the death of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by visiting historic monuments in Montgomery like Dexter Avenue Baptist Church and the Rosa Parks Museum. He and First Partner acted born-again Woke, as if they were giving some fresh revelation to the unwashed masses.


California Gov. Gavin Newsom attacked Alabama’s “rollback of progress” while visiting Montgomery to commemorate the 55th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination during his tour of red states.

Newsom, whose tour includes stops in Mississippi, Arkansas and Florida, stopped by the Rosa Parks Museum and the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church during his visit to Alabama’s capital on Tuesday.

“This spot is also extraordinary because this is the site so much of the organization was done and the organizational constructs of the Montgomery Bus Boycott,” the governor said in a video posted to his Twitter account:


Newsom also met with Democrat Senators in the state. They looked underwhelmed, and probably were:

The California governor’s tour coincides with his launch of a political action committee to boost Democratic candidates in red states.

Newsom said activists today should draw inspiration from the Civil Rights Movement in combatting “the rollback of progress” in red states, including Alabama.

“And at the end of the day, that’s what’s going to be required of us to address so much of the right’s regression, so much of the rollback of the progress that we’ve all enjoyed – the national advancement of rights in the last 50 years,” he said. “We have a lot of work to do to build a movement to counter what’s happening in red states across this country.”

Of course, the sane people who live in Alabama, the Californians who have fled the state, and the ones who are planning to, are not buying this latest campaign toe-dip. The ratios on both his tweet and First Partner’s are epic.


A sampling:

We all know the only “roll back of freedoms” have happened in California, not Alabama. Ask any medical doctor decrying AB 2098, any parent who fought against the shutdown of schools for close to three years, and any CCW permit holder whose information was exposed by California AG Rob Bonta.

But those red states…

Just like FL Gov. DeSantis deflects Newsom’s attempts to elicit a response and just simply does his job of taking care of Florida’s business, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey walks the same line. What has Ivey done lately for Alabamians? She has acknowledged and is taking action on the fentanyl crisis plaguing her state. What has Newsom done? Abso-effing-lutely nothing. Homeless are still shooting up and defecating on the streets of San Francisco and the CEO of a Fortune 500 company was just stabbed to death in the same city.

Good times.

Ivey has not even bothered to respond to Newsom’s roll back rhetoric. Gov. “MeeMaw’s” got bigger brisket to smoke.

A spokeswoman for Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey could not immediately be reached for a response to Newsom’s comments.

Before Hair Gel even blew into town, Yellowhammer News reached out to Ivey’s office on March 31 for a comment about Newsom’s visit. Gov. MeeMaw’s response was classic Southern:

“Governor Newsom certainly won’t be the first to flee California for Alabama — hope he enjoys his stay!” she said.

That’s even more savage than, “Bless Your Heart.”

See you back in California, Hair Gel… but in our case, not for long. We choose those Alabama “roll backs of progress” while we Roll Tide.

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