Even CBS Busts Biden Admin on Their 'Baghdad Bob' Lies About Afghanistan

Townhall Media

National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby made despicable remarks during the press briefing when he was asked about the release of a review on the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The horrible handling of the process was one of the biggest failures of the Biden administration, resulting in 13 dead Americans, and more than 100 dead Afghans, leaving behind hundreds of Americans and thousands of allies.


When asked about responsibility, Kirby blamed Trump. When asked about accountability, he said that the purpose of the report wasn’t about accountability. He told lie after lie. Maybe one of the worst lies of all was his complete denial of the chaos.

Kirby would deny what we saw with our own eyes in a truly Orwellian moment. They didn’t adequately vet the people, they didn’t adequately protect the airport. He would deny the reality of the hellhole that Afghanistan has now become under the Taliban.

We saw it in front of our eyes unfolding for days and weeks. People falling off planes, the airport gate being bombed, the Biden team putting people on planes who weren’t allies and who weren’t fully vetted, babies being lifted over the walls because of the crush of the people at the Kabul airport and being separated from their families, the Biden team having a drone shoot up an Afghan family and killing seven people. We saw the Taliban getting billions in American equipment that was left behind and not destroyed. It was a disaster on an epic scale. It made the pullout from Vietnam and the helicoptering people off the roof look organized. By the way, interesting historical note, Biden was involved in that Vietnam chaos as well — that’s how long he’s been around. His takeaway in 2010? “Nixon and Kissinger got away with it” (leaving allies behind), so we should be able to do it too. So that’s exactly what he did, believing it wouldn’t matter.


That was also the point when — if they hadn’t seen it before — many Americans’ eyes were opened about Joe Biden. His polls have never recovered and his approval is in the basement as he thinks about declaring to run in 2024, as even CNN has to admit. How shameful that he’s even considering a run after all he has done.

However, it should be noted that even some of the liberal media isn’t falling for the Biden administration’s “Baghdad Bob” tactics. CBS’ Margaret Brennan put paid to the Biden narrative.

Brennan said that Biden’s actions in pulling out of Afghanistan “led to the collapse of its government, its military, the death of 13 Americans, and it left tens of thousands of Afghans hoping to escape. Girls over 12 can no longer be educated.” Brennan called it “one of the darkest moments” of Biden’s time in office.

One of the best parts of that report by Brennan was the chyron at about eight seconds in, “Biden admin tries to blame Trump for chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal.” That’s definitely a shot. They’re not buying what the Biden administration is selling hence why it says “tries” to blame. Gotta love whoever that chyron writer was.


How this was done and the debacle it became was all on Biden. What he did resulted in the deaths of Americans and Afghans, as well as leaving Americans and allies behind. Yet the Biden administration believes they have no accountability. No one will be fired, least of all the guy at the switch, Joe Biden. That’s what we got from the guy who now is going to say, “Elect me in 2024.” This is a big part of what every American should keep in their mind as they pull the lever and vote these horrible people out.



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