Pelosi Calls Hillary Clinton 'President' and Trips All Over Election Denialism

I think I may have said it before. I’m so glad that the Republicans won the House and one of the big reasons why is that I no longer have to refer to Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as “House Speaker.” She’s no longer front and center making ridiculous comments about policy. “For the children.” It’s always “for the children.” Even if it’s never for the children and only about the Democrats’ power.


But I do want to call out the Pelosi hypocrisy that she was laying down when she was at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) with Hillary Clinton. Clinton is supposed to “teach” at the school in the fall “using her own political experience as course material.”

The course, titled “Inside the Situation Room,” according to a press release, will be co-taught by Clinton and Dean Keren Yarhi-Milo. It will analyze “a range of case studies and examine decision-making in a variety of historical and contemporary contexts, from the search for Osama bin Laden, to the ‘red line’ in Syria, to negotiating with Iran.”

Translation: the other person will carry the course while Hillary will occasionally show up for a hefty paycheck and sling bull, just like what happened with Joe Biden and the University of Pennsylvania. Plus what experience is she going to teach? How to lose and smear your political opponent with Russian disinformation?

Clinton asked Pelosi about the threats to democracy. “Well, I appreciate that question, but I also appreciate your leadership in this regard when president –” Pelosi responded, mistakenly referring to Clinton as president — a title she’s never going to have, something that still causes Clinton and Democrats fits.

Pelosi did correct herself, calling it a ‘hope.’


“But when Secretary Clinton was in the Senate and first lady, but especially as secretary of State in more recent time – she has been and at that time implemented many things showing America’s support for democracy,” Pelosi said. Then she went over into election denialism and pushed that somehow Russian interference affected the election, “It was her clarity and position to the present – Putin – present occupant leader of Russia, that made him turn around and ensure, in an illegal way, come out against her in her campaign and interference in our democracy by Vladimir Putin because Hillary Clinton was the person he feared most in terms of his lack of democracy in Russia. That’s, I think, self-evident, so thank you for what you have done.”

So it’s ok to be an election denier and spread nonsense if you have the magical “D” after your name, and you’re doing it in the name of “democracy”? Did she miss the part where nothing the Russians did affected the vote? That’s hilarious that she thinks anyone fears Hillary. Did she miss that it was Hillary’s campaign interfering in the election and trying to smear her opponent with Russian disinformation through the Steele dossier? Clinton even got fined for it by the FEC, for falsely characterizing the expense. Democrats get a fine and a job at Columbia, they don’t get indicted in our new system. But even with smearing her opponent, Hillary still couldn’t win.

Pelosi continued, in ignorance. This was her take on China — we have to talk to them because of climate change.


Facepalm. China is running rings around the somnambulant Biden administration, advancing its goals to become the dominant power in the world, while the Biden team and the Democrats are hyped up over climate change and pronouns. The Biden administration doesn’t even seem to understand what’s happening with the alliances and deals China has been making.

Pelosi appeared to criticize the internet being “unfiltered.”

Yes, because the Democrats would like to control what you see and hear, and thus, hope to control what you think.

This next one is perhaps the funniest of her takes. Pelosi’s take on Republicans is bizarre. If you don’t go along with her, she (and Clinton) don’t understand it, you are on the “other side of democracy.” So much for the concept of the “loyal opposition.” You must comply!


“Why? Because they don’t wanna pay more taxes? Because they’re believing some misrepresentation of what’s going on? We have to be vigilant in this country.”

Imagine saying that while also spreading misinformation about 2016 and sitting next to the person whose campaign paid to spread misinformation to hurt her country, who so helped to divide the country? Yes, Nancy, that’s why we “nice educated people” are on the other side from whatever side you two are on.



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