Keith Olbermann Gets Ratioed Into Next Week by Liberals Over Angel Reese Comments

My colleague Sister Toldjah reported how Jill Biden stepped on a rake over the NCAA women’s basketball championship game between LSU and Iowa.

LSU won, but Jill Biden said while LSU would be invited to the White House, she was going to tell Joe that maybe Iowa should be invited as well, “because they played such a good game.” One of the LSU stars of the game, Angel Reese, called that “a joke” and it is. If the tradition is that you invite the winners, you don’t invite the team that loses because you feel bad for them.


Or maybe because you want to your husband to do well in Iowa in the primary where he historically did badly in the past. The people in Iowa get this principle and they wouldn’t be falling for this participation trophy effort, if that’s what it was, by Jill.

Some took that invitation differently, as my colleague noted, suggesting maybe what was behind Jill Biden’s invite was “white privilege,” that she felt bad for Iowa and Caitlin Clark after Reese went off on Clark with some taunting, imitating that “I don’t see you” gesture that Clark did to someone else in a prior game and pointing to her ring finger indicating they were going to get the championship.

While many thought it was just players being players in a very important game, others thought it was poor sportsmanship of Reese to be following Clark around for 30 seconds in her face. Others pointed to Clark getting praised for taunting.

Click on the tweet to see the full tweet.

But the subject also got the execrable Keith Olbermann in trouble as well. Here was his response.


Warning for graphic language: 

That response got over 30 million views on Twitter. That’s probably the most people that Olbermann has ever reached and he got hammered by most of the comments, including by many Democrats which was funny to see.

He then tried to recover by apologizing and saying that he didn’t understand the background.

This is typical empty liberal babble in a nutshell — apologizing for being “uninformed” when being a liberal commentator is pretty much synonymous with being “uninformed.” He was just trying to get out from under the ratio. If he thought he was right, then what’s he apologizing for? If he was uninformed why is he making such a comment, cursing out a player? Olbermann has a long history of comments that have inflamed people.

But what was hilarious about it was he tried to use the ratio to promote his own podcast in the process, a truly desperate and thirsty move for attention. You know how bad his numbers have to be with that.


However, folks on the left weren’t buying it. Let the left eating left begin!

Here’s Whoopi smacking him around.

Even Shaquille O’Neal wasn’t a fan and didn’t hold back.

“Shut your dumb a– up, leave Angel Reese alone,” Shaq tweeted.

Can you get a negative number on a podcast? Olbermann might be there now.


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