Comey Reaction to Trump Indictment Shows Just How Bad the Rot Is

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It’s a sad day for the rule of law in this county when we keep seeing examples of the politicization of our justice system. The House Republicans termed it the “weaponization” of the system when they formed a committee to fight this, and they are right on target, for that is what it is and we see it when they go after their political opponents like President Donald Trump for a ridiculous charge.


Bragg ran on trying to get Trump — another thing an objective prosecutor should never be doing. It’s not about following the crime here, it’s about following the man and trying to find the crime to fit him.

But this problem didn’t start going over the edge this week. One can trace it back to when Hillary Clinton was not charged, despite creating a private server to avoid government review and having classified documents on the server. She got no punishment for that. She got no real punishment for dividing the country by helping to push the Russia collusion lie with her campaign paying for the Steele dossier through a pass-through. While Trump gets an indictment, she gets a fine from the FEC for her campaign falsely claiming that paying for the Steele dossier and Fusion GPS was “legal services.” That says it all right there, about how twisted and political the system has become.

The reaction of former FBI Director James Comey to Trump’s indictment also shows how deep that rot is.

The man who used the excuse of “no reasonable prosecutor” when many people who were not Hillary Clinton were prosecuted for mishandling classified documents now cheers that which legal experts have decried as “legally pathetic” and “nakedly political.” Even the Washington Post admits that the case against Trump is probably B.S., but not Comey. It says everything you need to know about the problems with the FBI.


Not only did Comey throw away any semblance of objectivity in that tweet (not that he ever had any), but he was a coward in doing so, shutting off replies on Twitter, so he couldn’t see all the people calling him out.

But that didn’t stop the quote tweets. He got ratioed into next week by people who have long memories of his actions.

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch:

Actor Dean Cain, one of the Hollywood actors who gets it:

Tom Elliot of Grabien:

Comey couldn’t even escape the criticism of the left, who blame him for Hillary losing in 2016 because of pursuing the case against her. They yelled at him too about his tweet and said they would never forgive him, even though he let her off. It wasn’t even his decision to make. He wasn’t the prosecutor and he shouldn’t have been opining on her case. But what the left doesn’t get even now is how Hillary should have been prosecuted and wasn’t, that he essentially gave her a pass. Had that been Trump, there’s little doubt that he would not have been given the pass that Clinton was given.


Unfortunately, we’re on a bad road, and the only way to do anything to stop it is to win in 2024. Because we see where they are already going, and it’s only going to get worse.


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