Biden Treats Press Like Dirt, Appropriates a New Ethnicity, Gets Caught on 'Hot Mic' Again

Joe Biden was sick on Wednesday. He said he had some kind of a cold that made him very hoarse. But that didn’t help either his coherence or his nasty mood on one of the few days when he had multiple events scheduled. And once again, he got caught with a bit of a “hot mic.” Earlier in the week he was caught on a “hot mic” getting step-by-step instructions about what to do, who he was meeting with, and standing on his “mark.”


First, he “hosted” the “Summit for Democracy” with a focus on “Democracy Delivering on Global Challenges.” It was a virtual event so he was just dropping into a chair, making a few remarks, and listening to others.

But he came in, looking all of his 80 years, dropping heavily into his seat. Then as he asks if they are on and then laughs, you can hear what sounds like someone giving him trying to give him a cue to begin. Someone says to him “the cue.”

Even with assistance, Biden still had issues.

There were those “indica-shers.”

Then he slipped up on abetting human rights violations.

“Taxpayer dollars should not support companies that are willing to sell their products to abate human rights violations. And, uh… excuse me, abet human rights violations.”


Then there was a bilateral meeting with President Alberto Fernández of Argentina. As with any meeting with a foreign leader, you have an obligatory press photo-op. But while the Biden team allows that for such events, after a couple of pictures, they then hurriedly push the press out of the room and refuse to allow them to question Biden.

As the press gets pushed out of the room, Biden smirks and says, “Don’t get hurt leaving.”

What a nasty character this guy is. He thinks he’s above them and can treat them like dirt. This is the functional equivalent of “don’t let the door hit ya in the butt on the way out.” As he continues to deteriorate, he’s having more difficulty hiding that nastiness that was always there. He gets worse every day. They throw the press out, but he still manages to be embarrassing before them anyway.

But he wasn’t done yet. It was Greek Independence Day and Biden had an event recognizing it. First, he coughed his brains out in front of the Greek priest. Maybe when you have a cold, you don’t go around spreading it to other people. And where’s his mask? I hope he didn’t shake anyone’s hand, he’s done that before.


Then he said a few remarks about Greek independence. He doesn’t understand American independence, but sure, let him spew. However, he had another battle with the teleprompter and coherence.

Biden said that Greek Americans “across our country have framed the flame of liberty and fanned it and started to flicker in Athens a thousand years ago and now it burns brightly here.” What? I can’t even.

You have to know what’s coming next, right? The obligatory Joe Biden pandering to his audience and appropriation of their ethnicity. Here it comes. His new imaginary identity.

Biden claimed that he was given the nickname “Joe Bidenopoulos” because of the “overwhelming support from the Greek American community.” “Oh, you think I’m kidding! I’m not joking, am I?” Biden insisted.


Chances that’s story is true? Not a chance. But Biden thinks adding “-opolous” makes him sound Greek? At this point, if I were any of these folks he was pandering to and throwing stereotypes at, I think I’d let him have a piece of my mind about how he acts.

But what does that make him now? A Greek, Polish, Puerto Rican, black, Jewish civil rights activist truck driver. And that’s just counting a few of the crazy things he’s lied about. The only thing he still isn’t is a competent leader.


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