Police Reveal 'Detailed Manifesto' to Nashville Attack, Yet Media Shamefully Try to Blame People on Right

AP Photo/John Amis

As we reported earlier there was a horrible mass shooting at a Christian elementary school in Nashville. Six people were killed in the attack, three were children. The shooter was taken out by the police.


A trans person, Audrey Hale, has been identified as the shooter. We may find that the story disappears quickly because of that. The police are working on theories for the shooting. As we noted there was a manifesto. The police are now giving some information about that. They’re saying that it was a detailed manifesto to attack the academy, that there were maps, and that Hale was planning more than what happened.

“We have a manifesto, we have some writings that we’re going over that pertain to this day,” Nashville police chief John Drake said about the discovery.

He added that Hale was “prepared to do more harm than was actually done.”

Drake said police are looking into whether Hale’s identity as a trans person played a role in the deadly shooting, with investigators coming up with theories based on their findings.

So it sure sounds like Hale was targeting the Christian school.

But the media is already working the spin even before all the facts are known. Even if the attacker might be trans, it is somehow and always the fault of people on the right.

Check out this tweet from Benjamin Ryan, a “health and science reporter” who is a contributor to many liberal media publications such as The Guardian, the NY Times, Washington Post, The Atlantic, and NBC News. He appears to somehow blame the Daily Wire, their people, and the hub of “anti-trans” activity in the Nashville area.


He deleted the above tweet, likely because of the backlash.

Ryan notes that Hale went to the same school as a child and that Hale was “designated female” at birth.

No, “science reporter,” Hale was born female, not “designated” by anyone.

Ryan also reposted an article he wrote for NBC claiming the Daily Wire people stoked “anti-LGBTQ sentiment” in Tennessee.

As we reported, the Washington Post did something similar, appearing to blame Ogles as well. Somehow now just owning guns makes you guilty of a shooting that you had nothing to do with, according to the liberal media.

Then there was ABC’s Terry Moran who seemed to blame the bill on the mutilation of minors with gender surgery for the attack, rather than the actual shooter.


Somehow now wanting to protect children from making dangerous, life-altering decisions is at fault, according to ABC.

This is how crazy the left is getting now. If a shooting involves someone on the right, it is of course the right’s fault. If it involves someone on the left, it’s also the right’s fault because somehow their evil ways must have provoked it. It’s always the right’s fault in the mind of the liberal media whatever the facts are. But the truth is it’s always the shooter’s fault. It’s not the evil gun’s fault.


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