Biden’s Actions in Europe Show Just What a Hypocrite He Is

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We’ve taken to using the terms “Rules for thee” when we talk about how Democratic politicians want to impose rules upon people in regard to Wuhan coronavirus restrictions, while flouting those rules for themselves, such as when Joe Biden blew off wearing a mask walking around inside a D.C. restaurant despite their mandate and despite his own promotion of masks.


But it’s not just with regard to COVID that these people play this “Rules of thee” game. It’s in so many other areas as well.

Take global warming and climate change for example. How many times have we seen the example of politicians preaching at us – as they fly around on their private jets to yet another ‘climate conference’ to talk about the rules they intend to impose on us?

Now, we have Joe Biden who is in Rome for a meeting with the Pope at the Vatican and the G20 meeting, before a global warming summit in Glasgow, Scotland. He spoke with the Pope about the danger of climate issues and he is constantly railing about how we have to cut back on fossil fuels for the sake of the planet.

Meanwhile, he has stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline as well as the Willow Project in Alaska, impairing our own energy production, while enabling Russia by lifting sanctions related to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

But how was he traveling around Rome? According to Washington Post reporters he had an incredibly long motorcade. One said that they were told it was 85 vehicles.


No, they weren’t the electric vehicles that Biden wants to shove us into (when he’s not talking about us taking the train). They all appeared to be not only regular gas guzzlers, but plenty of SUVs which are even worse in the minds of the climate activists.

That did not go over well, to say the least. He got blasted on social media for the hypocrisy.

There was also the question of how many of the vehicles were brought over from the United States and how many planes were required to do that.

The Post noted that some of the protective detail might be local but they’re still out and on the road because of Biden’s visit.

Meanwhile part of his climate contingent is already in Glasgow with three jets and a bunch of other vehicle including one of his helicopters.


This is all going on as Biden is trying to push a massive transformational bill on us that involves a ton of money – $555 billion – on green energy-related things.

Biden said the legislation would “turn the climate crisis into an opportunity.”

“Folks, we all have that obligation — that obligation to our children and to our grandchildren,” Biden said of curtailing the use of fossil fuels.

Biden said he and the pope discussed the “moral responsibility to have to deal with this.”

But it’s clear that he doesn’t even believe what he’s saying by his own actions.


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