Biden's Offensive Pandering, Lying, and Confusion in Selma

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Joe Biden was in Selma, Alabama on Sunday to commemorate “Bloody Sunday.”

Biden was there to commemorate the 58th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday,” when police beat peaceful protesters marching for voting rights.


But if you read media descriptions, like this from the New York Times, you would think we were barely away from those times.

“Even as Democrat-led efforts to protect access to the ballot have failed” — what the heck is this? That’s truly shameless. Exactly who is being denied the vote? And it’s Democrats who have lied and been divisive under Joe Biden acting as though somehow Republicans are denying people the right to vote, which is all about trying to manipulate the voters.

Joe Biden was at that again during his remarks in Selma. First, he of course had to lie again about his involvement in the civil rights movement to pander to his audience.

“I was a student up north in the civil rights movement,” Joe claimed.


Does he think that people don’t know it’s a lie or at this point doesn’t he care? He just spews it out anyway. He disavowed his lies back in 1987, but he’s then been telling them ever since he began running again. It’s particularly offensive that he repeats this lie at this particular event in Selma.

Indeed, not only wasn’t he marching in the civil rights movement, but he has a continuing problem with racist statements to this day. Just this past week, at a Black History Event, he made the racist remark that he “may be a white boy, but he’s not stupid,” implying white people were stupid. He’s made similar remarks about Irish people, as well as numerous questionable remarks about black people and other races.

But he continued in confusion with his remarks in Selma, railing against the filibuster and suggesting it was somehow harming the right to vote.

“I will not let a filibuster obstruct the sacred right to vote, the right of any other right to vote from there!”

What the heck did he just say? The worst part of it is that he’s operating from a teleprompter generally for his speeches and all he has to do is read it. Yet, you still have results like this. He doesn’t even seem to understand that he made no sense. And again, it’s pandering and playing into the lie that somehow there are people on the other side working to take away the right to vote.


Moreover, shall we remind him of how many times in the past he praised the filibuster before he decided it was an evil thing? How about how many times the Democrats used it in 2020?

It’s “bad” only when he and the Democrats think it doesn’t serve their political purposes.



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