WATCH: Schumer Threatens Fox, Says He Has 'Right' To Tell Them 'What to Do'

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We’ve seen that Democrats don’t seem to understand some of the basic principles of the Constitution. Or perhaps, more accurately, don’t seem to care about complying with it.


We’ve also seen that they don’t understand that Joe Biden isn’t king. He doesn’t get to declare, by unilateral fiat, the cancellation of student debt. That’s not within his Constitutional power, no matter what Democratic politicians may think. But they wanted to do it to pay off their base for their votes. So, they threw a tantrum on the steps of the Supreme Court. All they understand is that they should get to do what they want to hold onto their control.

We saw another serious Constitutional problem again–with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, as he spoke to CNN and MSNBC over the last day. Listen as Schumer tells CNN’s John Berman that he thinks they have a “right” to tell Fox News what to do.

“This is telling them, showing them they have hurt our democracy,” Schumer said, “in a way that no other actor other than Donald Trump has done.”

“When it’s that vital, I think we not only have a right to tell Rupert Murdoch and Fox what to do, but an obligation,” Schumer declared. Schumer then encouraged people to harass Fox and “tell them to do what Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and Schumer ask.”


Schumer then went on MSNBC and said that the reason he was spitting in the face of the Constitution was that our “democracy was at greater risk than it’s ever been,” that Fox must admit they told “lies” or he will take other “steps.” This lie was the “worst lie in the history of our democracy.”

“We’ll have to see what else we can do,” Schumer said ominously, threatening Fox.

My gosh, talk about a threat to our “democracy” and our Constitution — there’s a huge one right there, laid out by Schumer, in black and white. Media must comply with what he says, or he will go after you. He will sic his minions on you; he will see what else he can do to force you to comply. Has Schumer ever heard of the 1st Amendment? What happened to freedom of speech without the dictate and control of the government?

Is he kidding? CNN and MSNBC have been lying about Trump and the Republicans for years. Where was Chuck Schumer, when Hillary Clinton and the DNC were involved in paying to promote the Russia collusion lie, that so divided our country and interfered in the 2016 election? For years, that lie was out there, and millions of Democrats still believe some of that nonsense that was promoted by the Democrats and the media. And not just that, but that lie was also promoted to the FBI and used to go after their political opponent, Donald Trump. If Schumer wants to talk about the “worst lie,” he needs to look at that one. But he’s completely cool with that lie or any lie that helps Democrats hold onto power.


Schumer acts as though questioning the results of elections was invented by Donald Trump, and he claims people just accepted the results of elections before Trump. That’s just a straight-up lie too. Let’s not forget all that went before. Let’s talk about how not only was there election interference with the fake Russia story before the 2016 election, but then the efforts afterward to try to suborn the electors so that they wouldn’t vote for Trump, to try to push the Russia collusion story to them in an intel briefing.

Let’s not forget the Democrats who objected to accepting electors from various states and the boycott of the inauguration on Jan. 20, 2017, by over 70 Democrats. Let’s not forget the rioting in the streets from the leftists during the inauguration. How dare Schumer try to rewrite history and pretend that all didn’t happen. Indeed, Democrats have been fervent “election deniers” for at least 22 years. But that’s all just cool, to Schumer.

This is hardly the first time that Schumer has shown that he doesn’t give a rap about the Constitution or the proper role that he should be taking in accordance with it. He previously got into trouble for threatening Supreme Court justices because he didn’t like their decisions and demanded that they comply with what he wanted.


Democrats want to shut down political opponents here. If they can take down Fox or force it to comply with their dictates, they will control more of the nation’s media organs. That’s what this is about.



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