Gisele Fetterman's December Description of How She Treats Her Husband Has People Talking

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On Thursday, my colleague Sister Toldjah wrote a great piece criticizing Gisele Fetterman for equating herself to a rape victim because she’s been chided by people for seeming to be callous and fame-seeking after her husband had a stroke. That’s truly a despicable thing for Fetterman to do.


This is going on as his staff blocked a journalist asking questions about how John Fetterman could be introducing legislation in Congress while he was hospitalized.

As my colleague noted, some in the media were quick to rush to Gisele Fetterman’s defense, yet conveniently missing when there were real sexist attacks on Republican women like Melania Trump and other women in the Trump administration.

They can’t have it both ways. Either women are equal partners in these types of relationships and are deserving of praise AND criticism when it’s warranted or they’re not. These people need to pick a lane and stick with it. Because quite frankly their partisan slip is showing, and it’s not a good look. Like at all.

But people aren’t pulling the perception out of the air when they’re critical of Gisele Fetterman and the Democrats for keeping her husband in the race. John Fetterman’s own staff admitted that his recovery from his stroke may have been harmed by the decision to keep going through a hard campaign. That’s a serious thing when you should be doing all you can to take it easy after a stroke. We also weren’t told that he previously had depression when he was running and now he’s hospitalized for severe depression.


Then you had things like this, as we reported.

Folks were sharing part of a Los Angeles Blade article on Friday. The article is from December, it says she’s bisexual, but then it has a part that really raises eyebrows.

She also shares photos on social media with her 6-foot-8 husband’s head partially cropped out so that her shoes are visible in the frame, and insists that their marriage operates with the unspoken understanding that Gisele is always right when there are differences of opinion.

On that latter point, should anyone long for the same dynamic with their spouse or significant other, Gisele Fetterman offers the following advice: “You just have to be really confident in your truth,” she said, adding, “then you just, like, ignore him when he’s speaking.”

Oh, my.

Now, I get there are all kinds of jokes between a husband and a wife, and there’s a common joke that the wife is always right. But particularly given the situation and John Fetterman’s condition, maybe you don’t speak that way about your husband when he’s trying to recover from a stroke that has impaired his speech and his perception. Maybe you don’t crop him out of the photo to focus on your shoes. Maybe you think about what is best for his health and don’t “ignore him when he’s speaking.” Maybe you don’t take the kids to Niagra Falls when he goes into the hospital but you stay by his side. And when you know that you’re already being criticized, maybe you don’t feed into it more with comments like this.



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