Trey Gowdy Finds 'Saving Grace' in Don Lemon's 'Stupid' Remark about Nikki Haley

CNN’s Don Lemon stepped in doo-doo yet again this past week with remarks he made about Nikki Haley being past her prime.

In case you need to see it again:


“I’m just saying what the facts are. Google it. Everybody at home, when is a woman in her prime, it says 20s, 30s, and 40s,” Lemon said. “And I’m just saying Nikki Haley should be careful about saying that politicians are not in their prime, and they need to be in their prime when they serve. Because she wouldn’t be in her prime according to Google or whatever it is.”

That caused an uproar from both sides of the aisle with even the White House mocking him. Ultraviolet, the leftist advocacy group called for Lemon to be fired, claiming Lemon “has used his power and platform to consistently undermine and demean powerful women.”

“Sunday Night in America” host Trey Gowdy called it “one of the most profoundly stupid things I have ever heard anyone say.”

It’s even more stupid in context since Lemon was attacking Haley for supporting “mandatory mental competency tests” for politicians over 75 years old — presumably protecting Joe Biden through his attack — by saying she was “past her prime.” Well, if she’s past her prime, then what the heck is Joe Biden? He’s decades older than her at 80 years old, plus his incompetence and incoherence are constantly on parade. Of course, Lemon doesn’t have any such problems with Biden or any of the Democratic women who were older than Haley when they ran for president in the past.


Gowdy also noted that to be president you have to be at least 35, so by “Lemon Law,” you could only run for one term if you’re a woman. “Does that mean you just run for one term? I mean, Don Lemon is older than Nikki Haley. What does that say about him?” Gowdy said.

Of course, Lemon’s problem isn’t age; it’s bias and idiocy. This is just the latest in a series of incidents that he’s been involved in since he was demoted to the morning show. Some of those instances also show that he seems to have a problem with his women co-hosts, as I reported, including snapping at his co-host, which made her so upset she fled the studio.

But Gowdy managed to find the “saving grace” in Lemon’s comment. That saving grace doesn’t spell good news for either Lemon or CNN.

“Ketanji Brown Jackson is older than Nikki Haley. He didn’t say a word about her. Kamala Harris is older than Nikki Haley,” Gowdy pointed out on “Fox & Friends Weekend” Sunday. “It’s gender bias, it’s political bias, it’s also stupid. The saving grace is that he said it on CNN’s morning show, which means nobody heard it.”

That’s the real problem here. CNN is in the dumper with the worst ratings in nine years. Don Lemon’s show is in the basement, and all people are talking about are his issues. As we noted earlier, CNN CEO Chris Licht scolded Lemon during the morning editorial call saying it was “upsetting, unacceptable and unfair” to his co-hosts Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins and a “huge distraction.” He said it was “important to foster a culture of accountability at CNN.” Then he made Lemon get on the call and make a groveling apology.


“I’m sorry; I don’t mean to hurt anyone. I did not mean to offend anyone,” Lemon reportedly said Friday morning. “What I said came out wrong, and I wish I hadn’t said it. I believe women of any age can do anything they set their minds to. The people I am closest to in this organization are women.”

“When I make a mistake I own it, and I own this one as well. I understand why you are upset and disappointed,” Lemon continued. “I was trying to make the point that no one’s age should define their ambition or potential for success and I was saying those comments to Nikki Haley.”

As we wrote earlier, he wasn’t on the schedule for Monday to be on the show, which may be an indication if he doesn’t shape up, he could be out.

But the bottom line is, he can’t get better at his job. He’s shown he can’t improve the morning show ratings. He can’t do anything about all the other bad ratings CNN has. They’re in the basement right now, with no clear way out. Bad ratings are the reason many will not hear Lemon’s remarks, but the bad ratings are doing CNN in.


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