Hunter Biden Was Served With Defamation Suit From Computer Shop Owner Last Week

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We previously reported on Thursday that Hunter Biden’s lawyers are trying to get more aggressive, calling on the DOJ and the Delaware attorney general to go after the people involved in spreading what they now claimed was Hunter Biden’s data. This was after folks on the left — including Joe Biden — have been arguing for two years it was Russian disinformation.


After Hunter’s lawyers made that announcement, they thereafter tried to clarify they weren’t admitting that the laptop left at the computer repair shop was his. At this point, it’s all a little late and more than a little funny that they are taking this posture. It also raises troubling questions about asking federal and state authorities to go criminally target opponents and the poor computer repairman. The lawyers also appear to be trying to send a message to the media by sending letters to Tucker Carlson and the group that runs a website where you can view the laptop material, Marco Polo.

It also turns out that the lawyers’ actions may have been in reaction to something else as well. According to Brian Della Rocca, the lawyer for John Paul Mac Isaac, Hunter Biden was just served with a defamation lawsuit by Mac Isaac last week.

A private investigator hired by Mac Isaac tracked down Hunter in Culver City, California last Friday to serve him with the lawsuit — seen by The Post — that seeks damages in excess of $75,000 from the 80-year-old president’s son.

“It was very difficult to find where he was,” Mac Isaac’s lawyer Brian Della Rocca told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Thursday about attempts to smoke out Hunter Biden.

“You know, he was in DC for a couple of weeks and he was moving around. Well, we finally tracked him down and we were able to serve him last week. And now all of a sudden, we see this,” Della Rocca added, referencing letters sent out by Hunter Biden’s lawyer on Wednesday pleading for a criminal probe into Mac Isaac and others who disseminated the contents of the infamous laptop.


Now they’re alleging that Hunter Biden’s lawyer is seeking a criminal investigation against Mac Isaac as a payback. “He’s trying to intimidate. And it’s interesting to me that this happened when it did,” Della Rocca told Tucker Carlson.

Della Rocca insists that Mac Isaac became the legal owner of the laptop after Hunter Biden dropped it off to be repaired in April 2019 — but failed to return to reclaim it despite attempts by Mac Isaac to contact him.

Mac Isaac initially filed the lawsuit in May of last year against Adam Schiff, CNN, the Daily Beast and Politico.

Hunter Biden was added to the suit in October, and the Daily Beast was dropped from the action last year after the news outlet apologized for wrongly referring to the laptop as “stolen.”

This may explain why Hunter is suddenly considering a legal defense fund, on top of the federal investigations that are ongoing into his actions.

But it looks like Hunter is going to have to finally face the music now, with service in this matter and unless they try to settle it, we’re going to be hearing some very interesting testimony about what was going on.



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