Hunter Biden's Lawyers Suddenly Backtrack on the Laptop, Release 'Clarification' Statement

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

In a brazen change of course, Hunter Biden’s lawyers are now saying their recent demands to the DOJ are not an admission that the “laptop from hell” originated with the president’s son.


As RedState previously reported, Hunter Biden’s legal team sent a letter to the DOJ asking for federal probes into various figures surrounding the release of the laptop and its data. That includes Rudy Giuliani and the computer shop owner who found himself in possession of the abandoned property.

Obviously, when you ask for the crime of “stolen property” to be investigated in regard to the laptop, that would seem to be a tacit admission of its provenance. Apparently not, though.

In the South, we have a saying: That dog won’t hunt.

It makes no sense whatsoever for Hunter Biden’s lawyers to demand the DOJ investigate his “stolen property” while still insisting that’s not an admission the property in question is indeed Hunter Biden’s. In the “clarification,” they won’t even admit the data is Hunter Biden’s, claiming it is only “alleged” to be. So then why are they asking for it to be pursued as stolen property?


That statement is insane, and it’s a fence that can’t be successfully straddled. Think about it. The accusation being implied, which is that there was no original laptop but that the data was stolen and planted on a laptop as a way to launder it, is nonsensical. There would be no reason to plant the data on a laptop if the repair shop story wasn’t true. It would have been far easier and safer, providing less liability for everyone involved, to simply release the data online anonymously if that were the case.

But it obviously wasn’t the case given Hunter Biden signed the intake form for the laptop that was ultimately abandoned, as Jennifer Van Laar wrote earlier. Is the suggestion now that the signature was a forgery too? Perhaps Hunter Biden’s lawyers should provide some evidence of that if they are going to push the narrative that the laptop was a plant.

I guess I understand what Hunter Biden and his legal team are trying to do. They know his goose is cooked if the DOJ doesn’t scuttle everything for political reasons. That means they need to go on the offensive in an attempt to muddy the waters. What better way to do that than to make Rudy Giuliani the issue instead of the fact that Hunter Biden threatened to withhold a staffer’s pay if she didn’t have sex with him? And that’s just one of the hundreds (thousands?) of salacious details revealed from the laptop.


In their zeal to turn the tables, though, Hunter Biden’s lawyers managed to paint themselves into a corner by essentially admitting the laptop and the underlying data are real. They can’t put that genie back in the bottle, no matter how many silly statements they put out.


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