Biden Gets Attacked From the Right and the Left for Clueless EV Tweet

Joe Biden has no idea how much his Bidenflation is crushing the American people, nor do I think he cares.

On Monday, he demonstrated just how clueless he was with a tweet about how much money you could save yourself if you buy an electric vehicle by sitting in an electric Hummer which costs over $100,000. He said that if you buy it you could save $7500 in a tax credit.


Then he says under his watch, the “great American road trip is going to be fully electrified.” We’re not even sure “your watch” is going to be until 2024 and you think it’s going to be “fully electrified.” That’s delusional.

Um, Joe? If people are having trouble even buying gas for their cars because of the gas prices that you drove higher over these two years you’ve been in office, how do you think they’re going to be able to buy a car that costs over $100,000? And just a heads up. I know that you have a classic Corvette (next to the classified documents you keep in the garage) and can buy any car or beach house you want, but most other Americans can’t, particularly not after all you have taken out of their pockets. This car costs more than most Americans make in a year, with many living paycheck to paycheck under Biden’s oppressive economy.

As I reported just the other day, we’re seeing the second worst drop in real disposable income, behind the Great Depression year of 1932. Americans don’t have the money to drop to satisfy Biden’s electric vehicle push.


It’s safe to say that he got ratioed by people on the right and the left for this. The fact that anyone would post such a tweet and not understand what the reaction would be shows how out of touch Biden truly is. How could he think that would look good to anyone?

Republicans busted him big time.

He also got attacked by many on the left for pushing the Hummer and how expensive it was.


Not only was Joe’s tweet clueless, but it was also not true.

Twitter busted Joe Biden for his claim, saying that some rules are on hold until new guidance is issued in March. (Click on the tweet to see the full Community Note.)

Even a Reuters reporter, David Shephardson, pointed out that Joe’s claim was false when it came to the car in which he was sitting, the GMC Hummer EV.

“SUVs/trucks must be priced $80,000,” he said. So it’s capped at that high, thus, the Hummer wouldn’t qualify.

What is Joe getting for giving this car a big plug? Will their batteries be made in China at coal-powered factories?

But as Harvard fellow David Zipper observed, there was another problem with Joe’s assertion: “Biden is giving free publicity to the Hummer EV, a 4.5-ton behemoth so inefficient that it pollutes more per mile than a *gas-powered* sedan.”


Not to mention that it may take an incredibly long time to charge.

But again, does Biden know any of this or even care? It doesn’t look like it.


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