Kamala Changes Declaration of Independence, Demolishes Dems on Abortion in Process

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It’s quite something to keep up with Kamala Harris’ word salads — all the things she says that are just nonsense. She says so much that is cringeworthy and just empty filler words thrown up against the wall intending to sound profound.


My colleague Mike Miller hit on this on Sunday with this piece of brilliance from Kamala.

We’re gonna have days — and sometimes there will be days — with immense water of rains and storms and flooding, and at the same time we are a state that has experienced for generations, droughts.

And we must therefore understand that the issue that are present in the climate crisis are varied — and it requires us to be present and to be in front of each of the iterations and variations that include extreme weather that produces a lot of water and extreme weather that produces drought.

If you didn’t understand what she was trying to say there, congratulations, I don’t think anyone did.

Just like with Joe Biden, there’s the incoherence, and then there’s the lies — the things that they say just to push their political narrative, even if they’re not true or they’re spinning the facts.

That was what Kamala Harris did during her her abortion speech on Sunday. She ranted that some Republicans were promoting a national abortion ban. “How dare they?!” she yelled. Um, because they believe that it’s a life and they dare to protect lives, not to advocate for the killing of unborn babies as she does? She acted like she had the moral high ground there with that Greta Thunberg-like line when she doesn’t.


But Harris didn’t leave it there. She was talking about the Declaration of Independence and she left out a very critical part.

“We collectively believe and know, America is a promise,” Harris said. “It is a promise of freedom and liberty. Not just some, but for all. A promise we made in the Declaration of Independence, that we are each endowed with the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Be clear, these rights were not bestowed upon us, they belong to us as Americans.”

Kamala just left out the “life” part of that guarantee — that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” That’s not just a “promise,” those are supposed to be our “unalienable rights.” But she left out “life” because it was inconvenient to the pro-abortion narrative that she was ranting about. It exposed that rant for what it was — depriving that very right to life. Of course, she also left out the “endowed by their Creator” part.


But the funny thing in leaving it out is she’s admitting the problem then. By doing so, she’s acknowledging the flaw in her argument — that yes, it’s life. If she didn’t think it was, why would she leave the word out then?


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