Silk Demolishes Talbert Swan and the Left for Maligning Her Sister, Diamond

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We reported on the news earlier this week of the death of Lynette Hardaway, “Diamond” of the political activist sisters, “Diamond and Silk.”


That was sad to hear and many people weighed in with tributes to her, including the man for whom she campaigned so hard — President Donald Trump, who noted how “magnificent” she was and that she would be “greatly missed.”

But, instead of being respectful, many on the left made it worse by pushing nasty political tweets against her, rather than respecting the wishes of her family, and acting with some common decency.

One of them, Bishop Talbert Swan, who is known for making nasty comments on Twitter, couldn’t leave it alone and accused Hardaway of having called COVID a “hoax” and claimed that was what she died of, although there has been no announcement regarding her cause of death.

Imagine how slimy you have to be to act like this to try to push your political agenda. He’s not basing his attack on any facts. But that doesn’t matter to him, it helps him get leftist clicks for what he says. Some “religious” person, when he behaves like this after Hardaway has just died. It’s just cruel and disgusting, and not at all Christ-like.

Twitter “Community Notes” fact-checked him. (Click on the tweet to see the Notes.)


Swan’s remarks did manage to get the attention of Rochelle “Silk” Richardson, and she just decimated him from the pair’s Twitter account. She was not shy about the use of language in defense of her sister and she wasn’t taking it lying down.

Warning for graphic language:

“Where’s your proof that my sister died from contracting COVID-19?” Silk said. She then threatened Swan with a lawsuit. “No Proof plus No Truth equates to a Lawsuit. You have until 12 midnight tonight to retract.”

Lynette Hardaway had denied the unsourced report being spread about COVID in December and called it “fake news.”

Swan has shut down the replies to his vile comment after he got a ton of backlash, but he hasn’t yet deleted the comment, which shows he doesn’t have a conscience and may be looking forward to legal action from Diamond’s family.


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