Left Tries to Use Death of Lynette 'Diamond' Hardaway to Push Their Political Agenda

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We reported the sad news on Monday that Trump activist and political personality Lynette Hardaway, “Diamond” of the duo Diamond and Silk, had passed away at her home in North Carolina.


Many, including President Donald Trump, tweeted about how much they appreciated her and offered their condolences to her family.

It’s not clear what she died from yet. There was a report in November that she was ill, posted from the pair’s Twitter account, but it didn’t specify what the illness was.

According to The Daily Beast, Hardaway briefly returned to her show in December and dismissed the unsourced reports that had spread that she had been hospitalized for COVID. She said that was fake news and filmed the final episode of her show on Dec. 15.

But that hasn’t stopped folks on the left from going off to the races over the cause of death and using it as a political point to try to attack her. When someone dies, even if you disagree with them politically, you should at least be able to afford them a little respect by at least not attacking them. If you can’t, you’re not the better person, you’re just a disgusting human being.


There was a boatload of people on the left who responded in a despicable way, even tweeting at the duo’s account. Our friends over at Twitchy went through a whole vile pile of tweets. I’m not going to post the worst of them because they’re just evil.

But I will note that you have folks, including Democratic operatives like this guy, Chris D. Jackson, pushing this nonsense, not even caring to verify any facts.

According to Jackson, he was an early endorser of President Joe Biden and was chosen by the Biden campaign to serve on the DNC Policy Platform Committee. He also serves as an informal advisor and strategist for various campaigns on the state and national levels.

Then there is this guy spreading nonsense, Michael Stern, a USA opinion columnist.

So much for media accuracy — but why do you need accuracy or to wait for the facts when it’s about pushing the political point? Stern even links The Daily Beast story which he didn’t read since it doesn’t support his claim.


Now, we don’t know what she died from, but whatever it was doesn’t change how much she contributed and cared about the country. And everyone should be honoring that, no matter what side of the aisle they are on.


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