Adam Schiff Tells a Despicable Lie About Jan. 6, but Accountability Is Coming

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) seems to lie as he breathes. He’s one of the biggest purveyors of misinformation in Congress.

Schiff claimed for example that he had seen the evidence against President Donald Trump about Russia collusion. That was a “Harry Reid” level lie — saying whatever he could to achieve their political goal. Then, of course, he never produced anything.


But the lie he told Friday, Jan. 6, has to rank up there amongst his most offensive lies. There’s no excusing it and it’s all about deceiving the American public to pump up disturbance from Americans about the Capitol riot with false information.

“Back on Capitol Hill on another January 6,” Schiff said somberly. “Thinking of the families of law enforcement officers we lost that dark day. We are all in their debt.”

Wait, what? He just talked about the “families of the law enforcement officers we lost that dark day.” What families, since no law enforcement officers died on Jan. 6? As we’ve reported in the past, Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died the next day of natural causes as a result of a stroke. If there wasn’t even one officer, there certainly weren’t multiple officers as Schiff claimed. Yet, Schiff claimed to be thinking about their families.

How disgusting that is to talk about imaginary deaths and families, to buffalo the American people, to try to advance his and the Democrats’ political agenda. He wasn’t even the only one lying about it on Friday — Joe Biden also lied about officers being killed during the riot on Jan. 6 as well. So that sure makes it seem like this isn’t just a random lie by either one of them. When they’re both saying such things, it sounds a lot more like a talking point.


Schiff is spreading misinformation even as he tries to get people censored for misinformation. Not only is he telling shameless lies but his office tried to suppress the speech of a journalist who was exposing his lies. That journalist Paul Sperry is now considering his legal options against Schiff.

But it’s long past time that Congress takes action against Schiff. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said he would be removing him from the House Intelligence Committee where he’s done so much harm. That would be a great first step in Congressional accountability for McCarthy proving he will come through on the promises he’s made. It can’t come fast enough but Schiff deserves so much more when it comes to consequences.


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