Kinzinger Smears MTG Over Jan. 6, Accidentally Exposes Holes in Dem Narrative Against Trump

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On Christmas Eve, most people are probably focused on Christmas. But not Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), who can’t seem to stop embarrassing himself with his Twitter rants. But this time, his tweets exposed just how empty and partisan the Jan. 6 Committee’s “investigation” has been. He did that as he tried to attack Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).


Kinzinger tries to smear his colleague by saying she had a role in “fomenting” the riot. He doesn’t provide any evidence for that, just a smear-and-run job. Then he responds to her point about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the National Guard by saying that only the President and the Secretary of the Army can deploy them.

Kinzinger follows that up by saying that if President Donald Trump had ordered the National Guard, they would have been there and that Pelosi can’t countermand the order of the President.

However, he leaves out a lot in that misleading rant, and that’s a problem. This is why much of the left is deluded on the subject.

As we’ve reported in the past, the IG report indicated that President Donald Trump wanted to ensure that the rally he had that day was a “safe event.” On Jan. 3, he brought up the question of the National Guard for what was expected to be a large crowd.


“Mr. Miller and GEN Milley met with the President at the White House at 5:30 p.m.,” the IG reported. “The primary topic they discussed was unrelated to the scheduled rally. GEN Milley told us that at the end of the meeting, the President told Mr. Miller that there would be a large number of protestors on January 6, 2021, and Mr. Miller should ensure sufficient National Guard or Soldiers would be there to make sure it was a safe event. Gen Milley told us that Mr. Miller responded, ‘We’ve got a plan and we’ve got it covered.’”

On Jan. 2, the Capitol Police’s timeline of events shows that the Department of Defense’s Carol Corbin texted USCP Deputy Chief Sean Gallagher to determine if the Capitol Police wanted the National Guard at the Capitol. Gallagher responded to her that he was not requesting the National Guard after consultation with the Chief of the Capitol Police, Steven Sund.

So Trump made the offer/suggestion, but the Capitol Police never requested it. If they’re not requesting it, it’s not likely it’s going to be deployed. This, of course, pokes holes in the idea that somehow Trump wanted violence when, in fact, he not only thought there should be a National Guard presence but he also urged his supporters at his rally to act “peacefully and patriotically.”


As we reported according to the GOP report on Jan. 6, it was Pelosi’s staff who was working with the Capitol Police on the security for the day, contrary to her narrative that she wasn’t involved in security. It’s the Capitol Police who are responsible for the security of the Capitol, not the National Guard. And the Capitol Police rejected the offer of the National Guard.

Some on the left point to this letter from Christopher Miller about the deployment of the National Guard to suggest that somehow he/Trump incapacitated the Guard from protecting the Capitol, but the folks on the left who think that fail to understand this letter and the context. Click on to enlarge:

The letter references a limited contingent of the National Guard which had been deployed at the request of Mayor Muriel Bowser to D.C. for crowd control. They were not deployed to protect the Capitol since there was no request from the Capitol Police.

In a letter on Jan. 5 that Bowser posted on Twitter, she specifically noted unarmed National Guard and did not want additional people.


So Miller was acting per her limited request.

Why? This was because there was a lot of leftist angst over the National Guard’s response to the BLM/Antifa riots. It’s important to understand the discussion in that context. If there were any issues, they were likely to come from the left, based on history.

So why doesn’t Kinzinger lay all this out? Because that would destroy the carefully constructed narrative that they’ve been putting out there to hoodwink the American people. And that’s shameful.


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