Yikes: Keith Olbermann Is Now Using Dog Account to Go After Elon Musk's Mother

(AP Photo/MSNBC)

Elon Musk announced a new policy regarding the promotion of other platforms on Sunday. He said that they would be banning accounts that were used “solely” for the promotion of other platforms, such as the rival Mastodon. They clarified that wouldn’t apply to just linking to other platforms, but that the aim was to deal with advertising for other entities, not just general links to other places.


However, that raised questions about if that was “free speech” and if that was being too restrictive. Musk later said that he should have asked people before enacting the policy.

Asking people is a great effort at interactive leadership, however, it also opens decisions up to abuse from things like bots, if you haven’t flushed all the bots first. So I like that he wants to be receptive to people, but it can obviously be abused.

Musk got a lot of backlash and his mother, Maye Musk, came to his defense, explaining the intent behind the new policy.

Keith Olbermann’s response to Musk’s mother was beyond the pale.

Warning for language:

“WE DON’T WORK FOR YOU, ASSHOLE,” Olbermann shouted at her.

Yikes. How did this guy ever have a job anywhere? And maybe this explains in part why he kept getting fired. If there’s anyone who shouldn’t be calling anyone else names, it’s Keith Olbermann, one of the whiniest people on the face of the Earth.


But if I were to make a guess, Olbermann is trying to get a ban hammer here. He wants Elon Musk to ban his dog rescue account, so he can then whine from another account how much of a victim he is and how Musk is harming the effort to save dogs. But the Twitter rules in place, even before Musk came on board, say that just using that account as Olbermann is doing is evading the suspension on his regular account. Musk is aware of him using that dog account and as I reported, he was laughing at him. That’s why Olbermann has now escalated, going after Musk’s mother, figuring that Musk will respond.

Musk’s best play? Ignore the thirsty whiny dog yapping in the corner like a baby. But this is an example of the rabid left when they have free speech and no control.


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