Elon's Rib-Tickling Reaction to Liberal Losing Her Mind Over His Bunny Emoji

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Elon Musk taking over Twitter has been a great move in the culture war, toward more transparency and freedom of speech. But as a great side benefit, it’s also been fun to see all the liberal tears over it as well as to enjoy his reactions to the meltdowns. As I wrote about in his exchange with former CIA head John Brennan, Musk doesn’t seem afraid of them, even in the face of threats, but rightly, views protecting free speech as an existential battle.


Musk is a great jokester, so that’s going to drive the left into fits if they keep going off on everything he tweets. He made a tweet about a bunny emoji.

Now, the more normal reactions were that it had to do with “The Matrix” and that following the white rabbit leads you to truth and seeing what is possible. A journey that we are all on, to some degree, but also something that makes sense with the release of the Twitter Files. One person responded with the choice of the red pill or the blue pill, Musk teased that reminded him about DayQuil or NyQuil.

However, as we reported, a liberal blue-checked Ph.D., Caroline Orr Bueno, flipped out and went down a rabbit hole. She claimed the tweet was an encouragement for his followers to follow “QAnon” citing some random conversation on Reddit between people she said were QAnon people.


What’s funny is that the left pays far more attention to QAnon than most people on the right and the left is always coming up with crazy things like this about them. Meanwhile, the left doesn’t realize what conspiracy hounds they are themselves.

But then, when Musk found out about Bueno’s post he laughed his (rear) off and said that now they would make bunny emojis hate speech.

Given what they did with the “okay” symbol, you know there’s a very good likelihood that might come next.

But then Musk clarified with the “backstory,” citing the old Monty Python skit about the killer rabbit.

How nutty are things getting at this point? YouTube put that skit behind a wall, calling it “inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.” That kind of behavior is far more dangerous than bunny emojis.

But we’re at the point where the left will interpret anything he says as terrorism, white supremacy, or QAnon, in their desperate efforts to attack him. We saw this nuttiness with Trump. They talk about everyone else, but they’re the ones afflicted with sickness here.


But before they go down that rabbit hole, let me remind them that even Joe Biden follows the rabbit.


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