Biden Fondly Recalls Gladys Knight Performance - From Over 100 Years Ago

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

I wrote on Sunday about the problem that Joe Biden seems to have with numbers.

Among the problems are the lies. He’s constantly lying about how many jobs he supposedly has “created” since he came into office — 10.5 million. But in another example that it’s a new day at Twitter, Twitter called him out with two fact checks this week on this claim. The fact checks nailed him, noting that this was jobs returning after COVID. Also, the fact check noted that President Donald Trump “created” more by Biden’s standard, with 12.5 million jobs coming back under Trump, more than under Biden.


Then there are the times when he just seems to have no idea what he’s saying and comes out with numbers that make no sense. I wrote about one of those incidents from the White House event recognizing the Kennedy Center honorees on Sunday. Biden praised the band U2, one of the honorees, for the number of albums they had sold, “150 albums sold — among the most ever!”

But that wasn’t the only problem he had with numbers during that White House event. He also had an issue with time. He spoke about another honoree, Gladys Knight, and fondly recalled a performance of hers.

Biden said, “A point of personal privilege. I think a performance in 1919, at the 100th anniversary of the Delaware State Fair, was pretty special.” Now, I get that Biden is old, but even he isn’t that old, and neither is Gladys Knight. The performance was in 2019, just three years ago. But somehow, even though that’s fairly recent, he couldn’t get it straight. It’s not funny when you can’t remember it was three years ago, not more than a hundred years ago. And just like with the comment about U2, Biden had no idea that he had said anything wrong.


But his audience laughed and ignored this as though it was a normal thing for someone in the most powerful position in the land. It’s not normal, it’s a problem and it’s getting worse. They’re ultimately going to have to deal with it because it’s a danger for us all and they better not wait until the result is disastrous. It’s already bad enough. The people who put him forward like this should be ashamed of themselves, to continue to embarrass and abuse him like this, not to mention to put us in this position before the world.

But while Joe Biden is out of it, let’s recall a performance from Gladys Knight that wasn’t more than 100 years ago, but was still great and she looks pretty fabulous for 78.


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