Biden's Problem With Numbers Gets Worse, Twitter Nails Him With Two Fact Checks


I wonder what the folks on the Biden team are thinking when they have to roll Joe Biden out each day and contemplate how he’s going to mess up that day, as well as what they are going to have to do to cover for it. Every day, it’s something else, as he continues to deteriorate. They had all they could handle when French President Emmanuel Macron was visiting and Biden spoke about “Marcus de Lafayette” and called France “Frank.”


One problem Biden continues to have is with numbers. He constantly throws out figures that make no sense, yet doesn’t seem to even understand the problem. In a debate during the presidential campaign, for example, Biden claimed that guns had been used to kill more than 150 million Americans since 2007, almost half the U.S. population.

I’m not sure what he was saying there. I’m not sure he even knew either.

On Saturday, he was at it again, praising one of the Kennedy Center honorees — the band U2 — for selling among the most albums ever. How many? According to Joe Biden, 150.

He had no idea that there was anything wrong with what he said, and he sounded so old.

However, that wasn’t the only problem Biden has had with numbers this week. He also got into problems with a couple of big whoppers on jobs. They are whoppers that he’s told repeatedly in the past. But now, with the changes on Twitter, Biden is getting called out in real-time when he posts things that have no relation to reality.


Biden claimed that he’d “created 10.5 million jobs” since he took office. Click on it to enlarge it.

But as the fact check pointed out, this was people returning to jobs after the COVID lockdowns. If you used Biden’s logic, then Trump “created” 12.5 million jobs before him and he was only inheriting what was already coming back under Trump. Yet, he wants to take credit for that, when it was Democrats whose continuing lockdowns harmed a lot of people and businesses.

Biden also got called out for posting a graph with the same false claim. Click on it to enlarge it.

Even by the aforementioned “Biden standards,” the jobs “created” weren’t the most in “history,” Trump “created” more. Which is why Biden added “at this point in the office,” to make it sound like something. All it still was, was just people returning to work after COVID lockdowns ended. Nothing that Biden did, as the second fact check noted. Indeed, if anything it was the Republicans’ push to lift lockdowns that brought economies back, and places like South Dakota, where there was never a lockdown, where economies did better.



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