Doocy and Melugin Tag Team to Take Down WH's Blatant Biden Border Lie

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Joe Biden lies. A lot. Indeed, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone lie so much, with so much lack of conscience about it.

His team is almost as bad as he is, although sometimes they look slightly more guilty about it when they start laying down the whoppers.


On Tuesday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) described how horrible the situation at the border is, that not only is it not “secure,” as the Biden team has claimed, it’s a disaster. He invited Biden to go to the border to see what he had seen.

On Wednesday, Fox’s Peter Doocy followed up that impassioned description, asking White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre whether Biden would be taking McCarthy up on his invitation since Biden “has never been down to the border.”

Jean-Pierre then quickly declared, “He’s been there. He’s been to the border.”

Doocy was surprised since that was just blatantly false, “When did he go to the border?”


Jean-Pierre just kept talking and avoided answering the question, claiming he’d taken action on the border when he hasn’t done anything effective. But it was too late — the obvious lie was already out of the barn and she couldn’t close the door back on it. But she didn’t even care that she was lying or that people knew she was lying. She even laughed as she was doing it. But this is how easily they will lie, right to your face, even knowing you know it’s a lie. That’s where we are with the Biden team — just like with Biden himself, they also have no conscience. Not only is lying no laughing matter, but the terrible situation at the border is also no laughing matter.

Talk about “misinformation” — this is it. The Biden team and the Democrats are some of the biggest purveyors of it.

Just a reminder that Biden himself lied about it, saying he’d “been there before” and knew it well, in this rambling incoherent statement.

If fact-checkers did their jobs rather than just promoting Democrats, you might hope to have one of them call this out. But no such luck so far. And of course, no one other than Fox or conservative media will call them out on it.


Jean-Pierre did get fact-checked by someone else who knows a lot about the border — Fox’s Bill Melugin, who has detailed so many stories from there. He did call the Biden team out on the lie.

“This is not true. President Biden has never visited the border in his entire political career,” Melugin said. “He drove past the border in the El Paso, TX area while on the campaign trail in 2008.” Driving through El Paso on the way to someplace else is not “visiting” the border.

Biden’s failure to visit the border — and more than that, to do anything at all to try to improve the problems — shows what priority he places on the crisis.



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