Biden Spins Yet Another Fable About His Background, Now on His Grandfather

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I’ll have to admit, at this point I’m pretty steeped in the lies of Joe Biden. Admittedly, it’s hard to keep up with them, since there are so many of them–and the list is constantly growing. He’s been at it for a long time. Most infamously in the 1988 presidential race — the first time he ran for the office — he told all kinds of lies about his background and educational accomplishment. He also got nailed for plagiarism. But that was when we still held people to account for trying to deceive us, and he dropped out of the race after the scandal.


Here’s some of his plagiarism back then.

During his visit to Pennsylvania on Thursday to campaign for John Fetterman, Biden came up with a new story I hadn’t heard before. He’s said it before, but this was the first time I’d heard it. It’s hard keeping up with our truck-driving, black civil rights activist, Puerto Rican, and Jewish professor. So, I’ll admit to falling down on the job on this one.

But all of Joe Biden’s “stories” involve some level of bragging/pandering to his audience. Thursday, he spoke about his grandfather, Ambrose Finnegan, who was from Scranton–because Joe was speaking in Pennsylvania. Then Biden claimed his grandfather had been an “All-American” at Santa Clara University. “Not joking/Not a joke” is Joe’s “tell” for “here comes the lie.”

I’m not sure what the possible verb before Joe says “Santa Clara” is, but what he said was a bunch of malarkey.


Zach Parkinson, who is the RNC Research Director, has called out Biden’s lies in the past, and he just eviscerated Joe Biden with the evidence in his thread.

But the school has no record of Ambrose Finnegan ever being an All-American.

The NCAA also has no record of him.

The school thinks he went there, and Finnegan says back in the 1930s, he played football at Santa Clara between 1900-1903. But he was not an All-American.


Parkinson even checked the second and third teams. Not there. If you notice, the people who were picked then were primarily from Ivy League schools in the East, so they wouldn’t have been picking someone from Santa Clara. Plus, as Parkinson notes, the school wasn’t up to that level at that point.

Parkinson notes that Howie Carr and the American Thinker have broken down some of this in the past.


Now, let’s go back to that video of the 1988 race lies. Remember in that video, Biden claimed he was the first in his family to go to university — which would be a big lie if Ambrose Finnegan did go to Santa Clara. Imagine how lacking in principles you have to be, to do that to your own grandfather to promote yourself. That’s Joe Biden.


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