Video: Tantrum of Liberal Tears Projected on Twitter HQ

It looks like there was more drama at the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco on Thursday. We wrote earlier about reports that the headquarters were shut down for the weekend as they tried to work out who would be quitting and who would be staying on after Elon Musk sent out a memo explaining that people would have to be “hardcore” and have to work at their jobs.


For the entitled folks who were used to remote working, yoga rooms, free lunch and free wine on tap, this introduction to the real world came as something of a shock. Some of them couldn’t take it and quit. But it looks like an employee or perhaps someone thinking he’s acting on behalf of the employees is now throwing a tantrum on the face of the Twitter headquarters, projecting insults about Musk on the building.

The attacks — which included things like calling Elon a “manchild” and a “Space Karen” don’t say anything about Elon but say everything about the liberal babies who seem to be unable to deal with the situation. They’re throwing a tantrum on the building because they can’t deal with…free speech. And these folks call themselves liberal?

But Musk didn’t seem overly concerned. He even had some time to laugh at the bad take from a leftist Hill TV host who thought one of his jokes was real, as we reported earlier.

Musk also noted that the Twitter usage was up and to “let that sink in” — a joke on him bringing in the sink on his first day at the headquarters.


These folks fighting him don’t seem to realize that they’re driving folks to the site.

Musk also seemed to mock the predictions of doom and gloom being pushed by the media that Twitter might go down.

It doesn’t sound like it’s going down anytime soon, given all his jokes and mocking of the media. But the media certainly does seem to be trying to ramp the drama up there. The problem is, for the folks quitting, there have been all kinds of tech layoffs of late and there are likely to be more. They’re going to have a tough time finding a job. They’re about to learn some hard lessons. Meanwhile, Musk isn’t going to have any trouble finding people to work for him.


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