Twitter User Makes Stunning Allegation That Has Elon Musk Sit up and Take Notice

Britta Pedersen/Pool via AP

Elon Musk bought Twitter and now he’s cleaning house.

He fired some of the top people right when he came through the door and now he’s firing about half the staff, in an effort to make the site viable for the future.


Meanwhile, the media and folks on the left have been melting down with him in charge. Even Joe Biden — the man who can’t go through a day without telling humongous lies — accused Twitter of spewing “lies.”

And now what are we all worried about: Elon Musk goes out and buys an outfit that spews lies all across the world. There’s [sic] no editors anymore in America. How do we expect kids to be able to understand what’s at stake?

Yes, how dare the left allow people to evaluate the facts for themselves when the left can censor them, lie, and push their narrative?

One of the funniest meltdowns has been from the blue-checked Twitter people who are upset over Musk’s proposal that he would charge $8 for the verification plus some advantages like fewer ads. Among them was Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) flipping out at Musk and accusing him of trying to shadowban her account after she went off on him.

But one Twitter user @WSBChairman who has almost 900,000 followers dropped a bit of a bomb that got a lot of attention, including from Elon Musk.


That made Musk sit up and notice.

It wasn’t clear if the “yup” was an acknowledgment of the whole tweet being true — that verification had been sold for that amount — or just that investigation was needed.

WSBChairman said people had paid the $15,000 which is why some of them were upset about now having to pay $8/month on top of that.

He also dropped a tweet, alleging it was a contact with whom he had been talking apparently about Twitter.


Now, we don’t know about the validity of such a claim, but that would be a huge scandal if the prior Twitter powers that be were involved in that. That might explain why some liberal blue checks are melting down if they paid out for it. But you would think we would have heard about this before.

It’s been obvious that the verification process was very arbitrary — that folks who were real media but conservative might not get a blue-check mark, but random people on the liberal side would. The whole process could use an overhaul and that’s one of the things that could be shaken out with the new $8/month system.

But it sounds like Musk is willing to go all-in to straighten it out.


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