Biden's Bald-Faced Lie About Twitter Under Musk Takes the Cake

While we’ve long been aware of Joe Biden‘s penchant for lying — a “skill” he practices relentlessly virtually every time he opens his mouth — some of his bald-faced lies are so preposterous in ironic hypocrisy that they’re actually worth covering, as opposed to his daily mumbling and saying stupid, senseless crap.


As reported by Reuters, Biden, during a Friday campaign speech said, without foundation, that Elon Musk’s Twitter is “an outfit that spews lies across the world.” Huh? We’ll get there in a minute.

Does it strike anyone else that Biden and the Democrats have this whole thing backward?

While Twitter on Friday laid off half its workforce, cuts were smaller in the team responsible for preventing the spread of misinformation, as advertisers pulled spending amid concerns about content moderation. Moreover, Musk bought Twitter precisely because the social media giant under former CEO Jack Dorsey, and later Parag Agrawal, notoriously blocked conservative content that exposed the left’s lies and narratives.

What Biden and the Democrats are so worked up about is the realization that Twitter will no longer fly wingman for the left, and they just can’t deal. Irony is a beautiful thing–particularly when the tables are turned on the Democrat Party and its radical policies and false narrative.

Here’s Joe, on Friday night:

And now what are we all worried about: Elon Musk goes out and buys an outfit that spews lies all across the world. There’s [sic] no editors anymore in America. How do we expect kids to be able to understand what’s at stake?


Pot, meet kettle.

BS, Joe. Musk has promised to restore free speech and prevent Twitter from descending into a “hellscape.” Oh, and lemme fix the last line for you: “How do we expect kids to be able to be indoctrinated by the left into only ‘understanding’ — via censorship — the left-wing narrative?” There, much better.

As the histrionics continue, Musk tweeted on Friday:

Twitter has had a massive drop in revenue, due to activist groups pressuring advertisers, even though nothing has changed with content moderation and we did everything we could to appease the activists. Extremely messed up! They’re trying to destroy free speech in America.

Amen. And I’ll lay 3:1 odds that Elon already has a “plan B” in place, if the left’s attempts continue.


It’s not only “extremely messed up”; the left’s attempt to bring Musk’s Twitter to heel is also very telling. If Democrat “principles” and policies stood on their merit, why would the left be so apoplectic about Twitter under Elon Musk? Why is the left so terrified about criticism from the right?

What’s to worry about, if Democrats are confident that a majority of Americans support their agenda, even when openly challenged by conservatives? The answer, of course, is that Democrats are terrified of being exposed for who they really are–and what they really intend to do.

And, Joe? Musk’s refusal to spew lies on Twitter 2.0 is what you’re really afraid of, and you know it.


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