Bobby Flay Drops Some Harsh Reality About Inflation, as Dems Deflect Before Election

Morry Gash

As we count down the final days before the midterms, we’re hearing from a lot of candidates and their surrogates.

Democrats have been trying to deflect from the disaster that the Biden Administration and Democrats have brought us for almost two years. We see Joe Biden constantly lying to us about gas prices and inflation. We even have Hillary Clinton and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul being “crime deniers” — downplaying the crime in New York, with Hochul even calling concerns about crime a “conspiracy” being pushed by Republicans.


When Americans see that they know they’re seeing gaslighting by the Democrats. They know the crime around them. They know how hard it is to make ends meet with Joe Biden’s inflation. Everything costs more and now the Fed is jacking up interest rates as well. It’s hitting us all directly in the wallet. So it’s a horror show and it’s only likely to get worse because Biden doesn’t seem to understand or care about stopping inflation, all he cares about is spending more to make it worse.

We’ve seen the tremendous economic geniuses of the Biden team — such as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and National Economic Council director Brian Deese — not have any idea what they’re talking about when it comes to inflation, calling it “transitory” or blaming everyone and everything else but Biden.

But CNN had on someone who knows more than any of the Biden team put together — famous chef and restauranteur Bobby Flay. It was astonishing that CNN let him say what he said and didn’t cut him off. Perhaps that’s a sign of a new day coming at CNN, although they’d have to do a lot more to ever convince anyone if anyone could be convinced. But Flay laid out how bad it is for restaurants to be able to survive now with the skyrocketing costs. That’s the reality that people running businesses are having to deal with now.


“The thing about restaurants is it’s an every-night focus group of how people are feeling about the economy,” Flay said. They’re “getting squeezed from every sort of corner and edge…Labor’s expensive, commodities…cost of food is expensive. Occupancy cost is always expensive.” Flay also noted that consumers are feeling the pressure as well. “We’re on the brink of some really bad economy here.” He said he had been around long enough to have “seen this happen before.” “I feel like something not good is happening.” He talked about consumers were now economizing, which was squeezing the restaurants, making it difficult for both the consumer and the restauranteur.

Now, I don’t think he’s making a political statement here. He’s just acknowledging and being honest about the facts, in a way the Biden folks and a lot of media aren’t.


The fact is that we wouldn’t be here if we had had the Republicans in charge because they wouldn’t have made some of the harmful decisions to spark off inflation that Biden did. We also know what a great economy we had under President Donald Trump before the pandemic and the lockdowns. It wasn’t that long ago. Those two things stand in sharp relief — what we had under Trump and what we now have under Biden. And if we don’t want to continue to go into the dumper with the Democrats, we all know what we have to do — vote accordingly.


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