Katie Hobbs' Interview Confirms Why Kari Lake Is Going to Win in Arizona

Katie Hobbs on Face the Nation. (Credit: Face the Nation.)

If you aren’t willing to debate, you shouldn’t be a candidate in any political race.

We saw Joe Biden hide out in his basement. John Fetterman the Democratic candidate running for Senate in Pennsylvania put off debate as long as he could, scheduling it for October 25, likely hoping that many will have voted before he completely bombs it.


Katie Hobbs the Democratic candidate for governor in Arizona has also been avoiding debating the Republican Kari Lake. Part of that is that she’s afraid of Lake, who is a very polished speaker and who is campaigning for the issues that people in Arizona care about including the economy and securing the border. Hobbs likely knows she would be at sea, as she just showed by her horrible performance in a town hall on Friday.

But she showed just what a horrible candidate she is with the answer she gave when she did an interview with “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

Major Garrett asked, “Are you saying this morning that there is no circumstance that you can envision, or would even try to negotiate, in which you and Kari Lake would appear at a debate together before the election?”


Hobbs completely ducks the question saying her schedule is “pretty much set.” Yes, because she’s avoided debating, she had a lot of time before this to agree. She refused to. She’s not doing it because she knows she would lose. Talk about cowardly.

If that wasn’t cowardly enough, Hobbs also pulled the cowardly move we’re seeing from a lot of Democrats right now — refusing to say if they would have Joe Biden come campaign for them and ducking if she stood with Joe Biden’s policy moves on inflation which have hurt so many Americans.

“I’m focused on the race here in Arizona and the needs of Arizonans,” Hobbs smirked. “It’s a race between myself and Kari Lake. And the ideas we are bringing to the table.” Yes, which is why if she were “focused on the race” and confident in her ideas, she would want to have a debate so the people of Arizona can see what she had to say. But when she gives such a farcical answer, she’s spitting in the eye of the voters. And it shows she’s scared of Kari Lake. Plus, she sounds a lot like a 12-year-old girl (no offense to 12-year-old girls), not a gubernatorial candidate.


If a candidate isn’t willing to debate and ducks the simplest of questions like this, no voter should give them any credence or their vote. This is one of the reasons Hobbs is falling behind Lake because the voters are “focused” on who will put themselves out there for the people.


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