Here's the Face of Democratic Cluelessness in Debate

Annie Andrews (Credit: RNC Research)

We’ve seen some Democrats doing all they can to avoid debating, like Katie Hobbs in the gubernatorial race in Arizona, giving silly excuses when grilled by the media on her refusal to debate. Then there’s John Fetterman in the Pennsylvania Senate race, putting off the debate until October 25, after people have already started voting. He’s probably hoping people don’t see what’s likely to be a disastrous debate.


One of the reasons that they are avoiding debates is that they all have to deal with the albatross of the bad policies that Joe Biden and the Democrats have been enacting that have so hurt Americans. Another reason, I think, is that when they do debate, they seem to be imploding. We saw Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) get nailed by Herschel Walker on his eviction scandal and his support of Biden. Warnock ended up lying about the scandal claiming that no one was evicted, which is untrue, as we reported. Mark Ronchetti leveled Gov. Michelle Lujan Gresham in the gubernatorial debate in New Mexico over the allegations she grabbed a staffer’s crotch, then paid him $150,000 to keep quiet about it. Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) got wiped out by J.D. Vance, over and over again in the Ohio Senate debate. Ryan owned himself when he ridiculously had to reach back to high school for “service” when he had to put on a “football jersey” compared to his opponent, who was a Marine.

While we have to give it to Annie Andrews for showing up to debate her Republican opponent, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), for a House seat in South Carolina and not being a coward like Katie Hobbs, it did not go well. A moderator asked who pays for the healthcare plan that she was proposing. Andrews looked completely stunned that someone would even ask such a logical question, “I’m sorry?” Talk about the face of Democratic cluelessness — here it is.


You could almost see the wheels in her head going, “Oh, damn they asked me to justify what I’m saying.” Then she went into a full-on Kamala Harris-worthy word salad. “So we just…we need to focus on delivering high-quality health care that focuses on prevention. And that becomes more affordable. We need to get big Pharma and big insurance out of this so that we can focus on our patients, and delivering high-quality preventable haircare, healthcare which is evidence-based and cost-effective.”

Was there an answer in there anywhere? I didn’t hear it, and I’m not sure what “preventable haircare” is. While haircare and healthcare are both important, they’re not quite the same thing. She was just spewing words that she thought would resonate with her base while saying nothing in response to the question. That’s why her answer was so vapid.


The problem, of course, is that the answer to the question is us — we’re always the ones who have to pay, and if she understands that, she probably doesn’t want to say it. If she’s honest, she loses.


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