Americans Might Just Vote Every Dem out After Nancy Pelosi's Latest Remarks

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I’ve reported on a lot of polls now about what the most important things are to the American people in this election. The answers are always the same: inflation, the economy, and crime. Poll after poll says it. Everyone that gets interviewed on the question says the same thing.


Here’s the latest NY Times poll saying it, as NBC’s Steve Kornacki lays out.

This benefits the Republicans because that’s what they are focused on.

Yet, what are the Democrats focused on?

According to a recent Harvard-Harris poll, voters think the Democrats are focused on Jan. 6, women’s rights, and climate change — none of which even crack the top numbers on concerns for Americans in this election. In the face of all the economic problems, that’s what the Democrats are focusing their time on, in addition to being divisive and demonizing Republicans. They’re more focused on climate change than solving our energy problems–which, ironically, they created because of their focus on climate change.

Andrea Mitchell had House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on MSNBC, and after basically kissing her feet, saying that she, Pelosi, and Joe Biden had done so much for the American people, she asked about the voters’ concerns about inflation and rising crime.


Pelosi claims that the NY Times poll about the top concerns is an “outlier” poll and that she doesn’t agree with what it says. “I dismiss that,” Pelosi declared. She claimed that she had been going to a variety of states and said she could assure Mitchell that “women’s concerns about their freedom” were still very much an issue.

Women care about eating and being able to feed their families, and they know that Pelosi and the Democrats are making that very hard to do. That’s why Democrats don’t want to talk about those issues being so important even now–and why Pelosi is denying they are. But how insulting to the American people that she denies this. Why would anyone vote for the Democrats when they see her, the Speaker of the House, saying this? Denying their concerns?

Pelosi further stepped in it, claiming part of what caused inflation was Biden created millions of jobs. This would be laughable, if this ignorance/lie/spin wasn’t so wrong on every level. No, Biden didn’t create any jobs; people went back to work after the pandemic — that’s not creating jobs.

But that isn’t what caused inflation in any event — it was the overspending by the Democrats who were in charge. If they cared about Americans rather than their agenda, they would have taken the warnings about spending tripping off inflation more seriously, but they didn’t.


Imagine this privileged take from Pelosi. Likely the inflation is not hitting her very hard, and she has no problem getting her designer ice cream. But not everyone has been able to get rich off the government teet as she has for the billion years that she’s been in office.

How typical of Democrats like Biden and Pelosi to simply ignore the facts and blow off the American people. But reality exists, no matter how much they deny it, and Americans are going to show up and tell Democrats what’s important to them in no uncertain terms in November. Republicans should run what Pelosi said on a loop, in ads showing how the Democrats don’t give a darn about how much they are hurting Americans.


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