WATCH: Dem Rep. Makes Astonishing 'Freudian Slip' About Voters During Debate in Minnesota

(Mark Zdechlik/Minnesota Public Radio via AP)

We’ve reported on Democrats ducking debates, such as Katie Hobbs in the race for governor of Arizona against Kari Lake. Given how bad she is, it’s no wonder she’s weaseled out of debating.


When they do debate, it has frequently turned into a disaster. The latest one I reported on was the debate on Wednesday between Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham and Republican Mark Ronchetti in the gubernatorial race in New Mexico. I thought we’d seen it all with the bomb that Ronchetti dropped on Lujan Grisham, when he mentioned the sexual harassment allegations against her, that she settled with a non-disclosure agreement and allegedly didn’t properly declare on her campaign disclosure forms.

But it turned out that wasn’t the only jaw-dropping moment in the last day of debates between Democrats and Republicans. Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN) was debating Republican Tyler Kistner in their only debate in the race for Minnesota’s 2nd District. Craig is probably lucky that there isn’t another debate, after what she said.

Craig said the quiet part out loud.

“I will never stop standing up for Big Pharma and standing against my constituents!” Craig exclaimed.

Yes, she did say that, I double-checked with the local coverage of the event. They called that a “slip of the tongue.” You can say that again. Others might call it a Freudian slip. But that’s another line you’re not likely to see at a debate anytime soon.


That wasn’t the only thing Craig stepped in this week. Craig has been trying to run away from Joe Biden and pretend that she’s “bipartisan.” But she just got nailed for putting out a false ad with a guy who claims he was a “lifelong Republican.”

According to the Free Beacon, the man, David Vesledahl voted in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, according to voter files. Indeed, he doesn’t even live in the 2nd District, so he can’t even vote for Craig. I don’t know why Democrats do this; they always seem to get nailed when they do it. Not good, when you get nailed in such a ridiculous lie.

According to the Real Clear Politics numbers for the latest poll, Craig was just up by one point on Kistner. The race is considered a “toss-up” by both RCP and the Cook Political Report. So, it’s an eminently winnable race for Kistner.

These facts will certainly bring it closer.


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