WATCH: James Rosen Exposes the Insanity of WH Response on Jackie Walorski

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As we reported earlier, Joe Biden made a stunning comment during a meeting about hunger when he looked around the room for Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN), who had been the chair of the House Hunger caucus but died in a car accident in August. He inquired where she was and commented that she didn’t seem to be there at the meeting. But he made a formal statement at the time of her death, honoring her memory. Now, he seemed to have no idea that she was dead and was looking for her in the room — a truly concerning state of affairs.


My colleague Sister Toldjah hit on some of what White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said at the daily briefing when she was asked about Biden’s remarks. The press secretary claimed Biden said it because Walorski was on the “top of [his] mind.” But if she had, in fact, been on the top of Biden’s mind, wouldn’t he know that she was dead, given his statement last month? This is a pretty ridiculous response and it shows to what lengths they will go to ignore the reality of what he did.

But this episode with what he said about Walorski seemed even too much for the White House reporters to accept because they kept grilling Jean-Pierre and wouldn’t leave it there, with KJP trying to avoid the issue as though Biden hadn’t said or done anything wrong. She even claimed that she didn’t think it was unusual or that people could understand why he was looking for a dead person in the room.

Sorry, Karine, it is very unusual and absolutely not normal when the alleged leader of the free world starts looking around the room for a dead person when he knows that she’s dead. He’s not right in the head and everyone knows it. This is just one more example of it.


Another reporter kept at her, perhaps trying to get any kind of acknowledgment of reality from KJP. But it wasn’t forthcoming and then KJP started getting snippy asking why and claiming she’d answered the question.

“You’re jumping to conclusions,” Jean-Pierre claimed. No, they’re dealing with a crazy moment by Biden and you’re not providing any answer to it. So we can only conclude you’re trying to skip right around his senility. The reporter asked if they would share the prepared remarks but KJP said she didn’t understand why that would be necessary, although noting they post the remarks on the White House website. They post the delivered remarks, not the prepared remarks, she can’t even be honest about that. As we’ve noted, sometimes those “transcripts” have not been honest. The press secretary even claimed that many of us have had such a moment, in an unreal spin.

RCN’s Philip Wegmann tried it another way, asking whether it was something that Biden thought he “handled appropriately” or if he would like to take back how he handled it in any way.


“Get back what?” KJP replied as though there were nothing wrong with what Biden did. She said that they might keep asking about it but she wasn’t going to change her answer — which was no answer.

Even Matt Viser of the Washington Post went there, “I think the confusing part is why, if she and the family is top of mind, does the president think she is living and in the room?”

“I don’t find that confusing,” KJP responded. “I mean I think many people can speak to sometimes when you have people top of mind, they are top of mind.” I think if she said “top of mind” without answering the question one more time, I was going to pull my hair out.

But we have to give the award for the best response to Karine Jean-Pierre’s bizarre through-the-looking-glass answers to Newsmax’s James Rosen, “Karine, I have John Lennon top of my mind just about every day, but I’m not looking around for him anywhere.”


“When you sign a bill for John Lennon as president, then we can have this conversation,” she replied. What does that even mean? Based on Joe’s comments, he probably would sign a bill for Lennon and then ask if he was in the room.

I think when even the liberal media can’t stomach what the White House is dishing up, we’ve truly reached a point where the White House is not going to be able to keep up the farce for much longer. They’re running out of time and it’s only getting worse.



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