Hypocrisy Alert: Dem Accuses Republican of Having 'Stole the Last Election' From Him

Mayra Flores For Congress

Democrats have tried to demonize any questioning of election results. Yet, it’s been Democrats who have been largely behind questioning and refusing to accept election results for the last 22 years — since at least the 2000 election between George W. Bush and Al Gore.


Now questioning the election or not accepting the results is a “threat to democracy,” according to Joe Biden and the Democrats.

So, I have a question for those same Democrats — where is their criticism of Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX) who is claiming that Republicans “stole” the special election in the 34th Congressional district from him in June? Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX) won that election, fair and square, including with a vote from Elon Musk. But not according to Gonzalez.

“Our democracy is at stake… there’s millions and millions of dollars from outside our region and outside our state that are coming here to try to steal our elections and take away your value and take away the process that we rely on, which is elections. And we don’t have the resources to compete with these outside resources. We can’t compete with the Koch brothers, we can’t compete with big oil, and big tobacco, and the NRA. They can outspend us, but they can’t outwork us,” Gonzalez said. [….]

“They stole that last election… they spent $3 million to our $250,000, they campaigned for two years, and they still only won by less than one percent. So, the way to turn this around is getting out and vote,” Gonzalez claimed.


Guess who was standing with Gonzalez at the same event and even clapped after Gonzalez made these false claims about a “stolen election”? Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), a member of the Jan. 6 Committee as well as the man who has spread all kinds of other nonsense about Republicans. But Schiff doesn’t seem to care about the hypocrisy of his position.

Although Flores won the special election, she has to run again for the full seat in November, and it’s a Democratic-leaning district. Her winning is an indication that the Democrats could be in trouble.

Flores said that they were “getting pretty desperate when Adam Schiff is coming down to Texas to save Vicente Gonzalez,” and “the swamp is protecting one of its own.” Gonzalez has already shown how desperate he was when an investigation uncovered he had been paying a local blogger who was making disgusting attacks on Flores by denigrating her Hispanic background, making racists and crude sexual comments against her. How he’s still in the race after that and still has Schiff coming to support him says even more about their hypocrisy.


But Democrats will be silent on this because such ‘threats’ only apply to Democrats; it’s perfectly all right when Democrats do it. It’s cool when Democrats engage someone who demeans their female opponent. Add these actions to the many reasons why people should reject Democrats in November and come out for Republicans like Mayra Flores.


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