WATCH: American Explains to Joe Biden What MAGA Is About

Alma Ohene-Opare. Credit: Alma Ohene-Opare

At this point, we’ve written a lot about the despicable speech that Joe Biden made attacking MAGA people.

There’s something that President Donald Trump is fond of saying that Joe Biden proved true with his speech: “They aren’t just coming for me, they’re coming for you.” One of the points behind that despicable speech was to dehumanize his political opposition. Of course, Biden went so far over the edge with it, that he had to try to spin out away from the backlash the next morning. He claimed he wasn’t truly saying what he had said in the speech and what he had been saying for a week. But it was too late to take it back, and what was funny was his scheduled tweet that went off even after his “take backsies” effort.


Now Biden doesn’t care who he’s defaming with this tactic, it’s all about holding onto power, whipping up his base, and trying to prevent Donald Trump from winning again.

But since Biden is trying to dehumanize millions of people, I wanted to share a response from a MAGA person for Joe Biden that our friends over at Twitchy found. There are all kinds of MAGA people. This man does a beautiful job of explaining what MAGA is about, and puts a face on the people that Joe Biden is defaming. His name is Alma Ohene-Opare. He had to wait 18 years until, in 2021, he became a citizen of the United States. He came here because he believed in the possibility of the American Dream and the shining city on the hill. This will be the first election in which he is voting.

“I was born in a country where my rights were not always guaranteed,” he said. To hear Joe Biden say what he said, “dismiss more than 70 million of his own countrymen as ‘fringe’ and ‘extreme’ and not worth listening to breaks my heart and makes me wonder what I should tell my children about the future of this once great shining city on the hill.”


Ohene-Opare then gave a great recitation of what MAGA means to him:

“We are MAGA because we want to restore the promise in the hearts of our children that this is the place where their efforts will be rewarded and where their true potential can be realized. We are MAGA because we believe in freedom of speech, the freedom to exercise our religion. We believe in limited government and the rule of law. We are MAGA because we love the Constitution and believe our Founders established a means for We the People to defend it, from enemies both foreign and domestic. I am MAGA because I want to be able to look into the eyes of my four black children to assure them that they’re not victims, that they hold inside them what it takes to achieve anything they set their hearts on. We believe our leaders should put America and its interests first, before any other nation. We believe our government should not saddle our children and grandchildren with insurmountable debt, chasing after a misguided idea of controlling or changing the course of the climate.”

Ohene-Opere said that while millions were “horrified” to see what happened on Jan. 6, “We also see through the attempt to paint all Republicans with the false moniker of ‘insurrectionist.'” He added, “We are MAGA because we love law enforcement, but doubt whether the Justice Department or the FBI can be trusted to deal fairly and impartially when they have given us clear and repeated evidence of their political bias against half of the country.”


He spoke about the fact that he was finally going to get to vote after waiting nearly two decades. “The tens of millions of MAGA Republicans are not filled with hate towards anyone. We love this country. We’re heirs of the great legacy of freedom this country has afforded us and wish to exercise our rights to be heard and not demonized.”

Recalling Ronald Reagan, he called on Joe Biden to:

“Tear down this wall of divisiveness and division, that seeks to pit your fellow citizens against one another. Heed your own call for unity and lay off the rhetoric that seeks to demonize and defame millions of people who would give their lives and fortunes to defend these United States. If you believe in the redemption of America, give my children a reason to hope, a reason to believe that our best days are ahead of us, in spite of the challenges we face as a country.”

What a wonderful way to express it all. Welcome home, good sir, and we are glad to have you. This is the kind of man that Joe Biden was defaming. And he is just one of the millions. Ohene-Opere is a new citizen, but he has a better grasp on this country and what being an American is all about than Joe Biden does.


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