The Comparison Between Trump and Biden in Wilkes-Barre Is Stark

Trump in Wilkes-Barre, PA (Credit: The Post Millennial)

As we reported, President Donald Trump held a rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on Saturday. Among the things he took on was Joe Biden’s speech demonizing MAGA Republicans and essentially calling millions of Americans “enemies of the state.” Trump said it was one of the most vicious, hateful, divisive speeches ever delivered by anyone in the office. He also blasted the FBI raid on his home.


But contrary to Biden, he took a hopeful tone, that contrasted with the desperation of Biden’s demonizing. Even facing whatever threats that the Democrats might throw at him to prevent him from running again, he was the positive one.

How could he be so positive?

One sign could be seen in the very contrast between Trump’s speech in Wilkes-Barre and Joe Biden’s speech that we also reported on earlier in the week. I wrote then how the Biden team doesn’t do the wide shot because that would reveal the crowd size.

As I noted, there were more folks in front of Biden, not just the small group behind him, but still, by Trump standards, pitiful. Not to mention that the people in that small group looked like union people who may have been “encouraged” to be there. They also sort of looked like they’d rather be anywhere else. Indeed a huge difference in enthusiasm for Donald Trump compared to Joe Biden.


See if you can spot the difference here when the two events are put back to back to each other on video.

That’s why Joe is desperate. That’s why the Democrats are trying to throw anything they can up against the wall to stop Trump from running again. Their actions, Joe’s ugly speech — these are not signs of people who think they have firm control over the midterms or the people. They want that control but they know they don’t have it. That’s what the comparison shows. That’s what Biden’s 38 percent approval from a Reuters D+9 poll shows.

The majority of Americans love America and they want to hear from people who also love America — those are the themes that Trump hits that resonate. That’s why people come out with enthusiasm. That’s why Joe Biden can’t get the same pull and why his approval is in the basement — because he doesn’t have that same feeling. He is the guy the Democrats threw out there as a placeholder to hold onto power. He (with the help of his handlers) has done all he can to harm America from demonizing Americans to failing at his job on so many things including Afghanistan, the border, and inflation.


The comparison is stark and we must vote accordingly in November.


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