Three AM Call? Biden Can't Even Take Urgent Calls From World Leader


Joe Biden has been missing for most of the month of August, on a vacation between Delaware and Kiawah, South Carolina. Before that, he was 13 days in isolation due to COVID. So he has been mostly out of the public eye for a long time until the end of this week.


But he was also blowing off his responsibilities in the process, according to a new report.

Israel has been, justifiably, concerned by the insane effort of the Biden administration to revive the Iran nuclear deal. Not only could lifting the sanctions empower the mullahs but now there are reports that the proposed new deal would also involve lifting the arms embargo on Iran. That would enable one of the chief state sponsors of terrorism — the people who chant “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” — to get all kinds of weapons, courtesy of Joe Biden. Meanwhile, there would be no enforcement mechanism to make sure that they were upholding the uranium enrichment limitations that Iran is supposed to comply with in the deal. Why would anyone make such a move that is so inherently against the interests of the United States?

The Israeli Prime Minister has been trying to get Joe Biden on the phone to talk about what the U.S. is doing but Joe Biden is just blowing him off either because he’s completely absent or avoiding talking to them.

“Prime Minister Yair Lapid has requested a meeting with US President Joe Biden during his visit to the US for the UN General Assembly next month,” The Post reported, “amid deep concern in Jerusalem over an impending nuclear deal between Washington and Tehran.”

Evidently, “Lapid hopes to meet with Biden on September 20, the day that the US president is set to address the General Assembly,” but no meeting has yet been confirmed — but it’s worse than that. “Lapid has yet to be able to speak to Biden on the phone, despite recent advances in Iran talks, according to multiple sources,” The Post noted.


They haven’t spoken in weeks. The Post said the White House blamed Biden’s vacation. That’s not an excuse when a world leader is trying to get hold of you. Remember how his team claimed that he was working everywhere he is while he’s taken about 35 percent of his time in office on vacation. That of course was another Biden team lie. You can’t have it both ways.

But Biden has been back in town since Wednesday, August 24 and the Post report was on the 27th. So that doesn’t say a lot for Joe Biden keeping up his responsibilities. Or perhaps the problem here is that he knows that he can’t justify what they are about to do.

The head of Mossad is scheduled to come to Washington, D.C. next week to talk about the intel that they have on Iran with Congress. So there will be some discussion at some point.

But it’s embarrassing that it even makes it into foreign papers that Biden is such an absent leader. Biden is harming our foreign policy. Not to mention endangering our national security if he can’t be reached for things that are so important and when he considers things like the Iran Deal.



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