Biden at the Beach: Bikes, Bad Dress, and Questions of Ethics

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The minute that Joe Biden got two days of negative tests after having COVID, after being isolated for several days, he was immediately off on vacation to Delaware. He had one stop in Kentucky thereafter regarding the flooding in the state, then on Wednesday this past week, he was out the door again for another beach vacation to Kiawah, South Carolina.


Along on the trip was his wife Jill, his son Hunter, Hunter’s wife, and Hunter’s son, baby Beau, along with some of Joe’s other grandchildren.

They were met by protesters when they arrived on the island.

While Americans are being crushed under the boot of Bidenflation, Joe Biden and his family are staying at the $20 million oceanfront home of a political donor, Maria Allwin. According to the New York Post, Joe isn’t paying a dime and he’s done this in the past.

“They stayed here before and they’re not paying,” a source close to the family told the New York Post. “They’ve never paid. They’re just friends.”

Biden asked Allwin if he could stay at her home, the source told the Post.[….]

The White House frustrated reporters by offering little transparency about Biden’s South Carolina trip, which is expected to last through early next week.

The Associated Press emphasized Wednesday that the White House “did not respond to requests to provide details on Biden’s vacation schedule, activities or when he planned to return to Washington, nor did it provide information on the residence where he was staying.”


Obama ethics chief Walter Shaub raised this issue in the past when Biden stayed at the home of another wealthy donor over Thanksgiving, David Rubenstein, in Nantucket.

“Just a friendly reminder, [Biden] will have to pay fair market value for the stay on Nantucket or disclose the gift of free lodging in his annual disclosure in May 2022. I’m not suggesting he wouldn’t, just reminding not to let it slip through the cracks,” Walter Shaub, director of the US Office of Government Ethics under former President Barack Obama, tweeted at the time.

Shaub added regarding that stay, “There’s a disclosure exception for personal hospitality, but that only applies if the head of the Carlyle Group is staying there with the Bidens. I suspect the WH is all over compliance with the rule — and oblivious to the ethical optics.”

Rubenstein reportedly wasn’t staying with Biden at the time, and it’s unclear if Allwin is since neither the White House nor Allwin are talking. But hey, they don’t need the disclosure exception, they already have the magical “D” exception of being Democrats which means they will never be nailed for any impropriety.

Jill went out shopping on the island with Hunter’s wife, Melissa.


I normally don’t comment on clothes but just have to say this is pretty hideous and so age-inappropriate. If she thinks that makes her look younger, it’s just the opposite effect.

Biden was spotted by reporters biking on the beach, fortunately, staying on the bike and not falling over this time. They asked him if he would answer questions and he blew them off saying he was going to buy bathing suits.

But it sounds like he’ll be back early in the week — when he’ll go back to a three-day work week, calling early lids, then head off back to Delaware and the beach again.


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