Biden Is Out of Isolation, Off for Vacation, Coughing His Head Off With No Mask

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden has finally been released from his COVID isolation after testing negative on Saturday and then again yesterday.

He was immediately out the door to vacation in Delaware on Sunday.


Then it turns out he’s going on another vacation on Wednesday to Kiawah, S.C., adding to the tremendous amount of vacation time that he already has taken, mainly to Delaware but also to Camp David. So much for any real work.

He’s just been released from COVID isolation, which would normally mean that you should wear a mask for five days after, according to CDC guidance. But no mask theater for “Rules for Thee, But Not for Me” Biden. You can see he wasn’t wearing any mask in the prior picture and video as he was leaving from the White House to go to Delaware.

Then here he is Monday morning getting on Air Force One to go to Kentucky. Again, no mask. He appears to try to fist bump a person but he ends up fist bumping the air and then making weird gesticulations when he is asked a question by reporters.


This looked like the perfect video of “Old Man Yells at Cloud.”

Now Biden is in Kentucky on Monday, presumably on the way to his week-long vacation in Kiawah. He stopped there because of the flooding that happened there last week that took many lives. You can see him here next to Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear and once again he doesn’t have a mask on. But this time he’s coughing a lot into his hand.

How many times has Biden preached about wearing a mask at us, and played mask theater games? Yet here we have him sitting right next to Gov. Beshear coughing his guts out. He just can’t be bothered to adhere to the same rules for himself that he pushes on everyone else. Only the little people have to pay attention to the rules.

This is the guy they want to sell as some powerful “Dark Brandon”? At what point do we admit that he has severe issues after he’s been holed up in isolation for a week and then he still needs a week of vacation?


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