Man Who Neutralized Greenwood Mall Shooter Did in 15 Seconds What 376 Law Enforcement Officers in Uvalde Couldn't Do in 77 Minutes

We’ve written about the actions of the “good guy with a gun” Eli Dicken — the 22-year-old hero who shot and killed the Greenwood Park Mall mass shooter in Greenwood, Indiana.


But Dicken’s actions were even more amazing when you look at the circumstances.

As my colleague Alex Parker explained, the killer came loaded for bear.

The shooter was armed with a Sig Sauer 400M 5.56-caliber rifle.
He had a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 5.56 on reserve in the restroom.
A Glock 33 .357 pistol was on his person.
He was armed with over 100 rounds.
He’d been frequently practicing at a range for the past two years.
He had resigned from his warehouse job in May.
Police were told by family they believe he’d received a notice of eviction.

More details are emerging that show how God must have been with Dicken in his actions, because they surely were amazing.

The killer went into the bathroom near the food court, preparing for the attack. When he finally came out and started shooting, Dicken saw him and his rifle from 40 yards away and immediately understood what was happening. The shooter shot and killed three people. He injured two. The initial police report was that it took Dicken two minutes to respond to the shooter. But that wasn’t true. The police just corrected that. Dicken neutralized the shooter within 15 seconds of him starting to shoot, an astounding reaction, doubtless saving countless other lives.


These pictures show what the food court looked like, and how Dicken would have had a good line of sight to the shooter coming out of the bathroom.

Dicken engaged him from about 30 yards away and hit him with eight of ten shots, taking him down and preventing him from retreating into the bathroom. Astounding.


Not only that, but Dicken had the presence of mind to tell other people to get out of the way and to “leave behind him.”

It shows you the difference between one young man who was ready and willing to act and close to 400 who failed to act as they should have in Uvalde.

God bless this young man.


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