Uvalde: Families Not Satisfied With Report, Acting Chief Finally Placed on Leave

AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills

As we reported earlier, Texas legislators issued a searing investigatory report on the mass shooting in Uvalde, and it lays out a lot of the failures that took place on that day at Robb Elementary School, noting the immigration issues also affected the response.


Members of a special committee of the Texas state legislature met on Sunday with family members of the victims to present the report, and answer questions that either the families or the community might still have. The biggest issue has been how it took 77 minutes to take out the shooter, and how that delay and a host of other failures cost lives. Despite knowing there were people alive inside the classroom because of 911 calls, they still didn’t breach the classroom. Families were not satisfied with the report.

On top of the release of the report, Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin said in a statement that the city will release all body camera footage from all of the police that had been taken that day. There was an incredible amount of law enforcement on the scene and yet, it still took that long to do anything.

In reality, surveillance video of the shooting obtained and published last week by ABC affiliate KVUE and the Austin-American Statesman showed dozens of officers congregating outside the adjoined classrooms where the gunman had fired indiscriminately on students and teachers. The report noted that a total of 376 local, state and federal law enforcement officials responded to the shooting.


The city also took action against Lt. Mariano Pargas, who was the acting chief of police on the day of the massacre, placing him on administrative leave.

Here’s the full news conference:


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