MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle Busted Parroting Exact Words of DNC Official Against Arming Teachers

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We saw what a failure you can have in a response to a mass shooting with the scathing report that was issued about Uvalde. 376 law enforcement officials responded throughout the event, yet the delay in taking out the shooter and multiple other failures may have cost people their lives. The acting chief who was in charge on that day has now been placed on leave.


But a liberal media/Democratic talking point is evolving out of this. Sen Chris Murphy (D-CT) was pushing it last week. Let’s hear about it from MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle.

“If 400 trained police officers weren’t prepared to engage, what’s the argument for arming kindergarten teachers?” Ruhle claimed.

Let’s note first, that this didn’t exactly pop spontaneously out of Ruhle’s head. She’s copy-pasting the exact words of Andrew Weinstein from about two and a half hours before. Weinstein is the DNC Deputy National Finance Chair and chair of The Democrats Lawyers Council, according to his profile. He also has a virtue-signaling hashtag in that profile: #EndGunViolence.

Our Lie-able Sources account picked up on how Ruhle parroted exactly what the DNC guy said.


Ruhle is nailed dead to rights.

NBC’s Katy Tur asked over the weekend: Why is it that people don’t trust the media? This is one reason why — because everyone knows they are pushing Democratic talking points; that they are not the objective journalists that they like to claim. Tur asked if she was doing more harm than good and she was buried with responses in the affirmative.

But beyond proving what Democratic propagandists some in the media are, there’s another thing about the point that Ruhle, Weinstein, and others on the left are pushing — that the failure in Uvalde, with so many law enforcement officers, shows there’s no argument for arming teachers. Indeed, the Uvalde situation shows exactly why you should arm capable teachers — you never know if anyone, including the police, will be coming to save you in time. At least if you are armed, you then have a fighting chance to save your life and the lives of your colleagues and students.

Even as Ruhle and the Democrats were pushing this talking point, we saw a mass shooting at the Greenwood Park Mall in Greenwood, Indiana. Three people were killed and two were injured. But one of the things that made that situation different from Uvalde was that one of the people at the mall was himself armed. When he saw the shooting going down, he responded and took out the attacker. The attacker had a rifle and multiple magazines. Had the “good guy with a gun” not been there, many more people may have been killed and/or injured. It shows how all you may need is one capable and willing person like the hero at the Greenwood Park Mall to stop the shooting from getting worse.


That’s the reality that the liberal media and the Democrats are denying with their parroted talking point.


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