Kamala Harris Dishes up Another Word Salad, but the Words Over Her Head Were Even Worse

Kamala Harris was interviewed during the Essence Festival over the weekend at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. As we reported, she gaffed when talking about visiting Joe Biden after the 2020 election in Delaware, referring to him as the “vice president-elect” before correcting herself. She also laughed when the interviewer Keke Palmer said gas prices were getting so bad that people were looking up how to make gas on their own. Not a good look when Americans are being crushed by the Biden policies that have resulted in all these prices going up. But that’s one of the issues that Americans have with Kamala Harris — that they don’t see her as a serious replacement for the job when she seems to have a lot of the same issues that Joe Biden has and her default response to everything is to cackle.


There were a couple of other things from that event that also lend to that impression about Harris.

Once again, she uttered another word salad that you may have trouble deciphering.

Harris said they are working on “bringing down basically the cost of what life requires for people.” That’s about as incoherent as a Joe Biden sentence. But yes, please point to anything that you have done that has truly resulted in bringing prices down. On the contrary, the problem is that the Biden-Harris policies have driven all the prices up, particularly gas prices.

However, there was another element to her visit to the Essence Festival that just about says it all when it comes to the Biden-Harris Administration. See if you notice it.

Did you catch it?

They didn’t even spell “Louisiana” right in the lettering behind her and apparently, no one with the White House staff caught it. It says a lot that she didn’t pick it up either. So you see her name over a big and rather glaring mistake. Talk about a perfect picture for a GOP ad showing how bad the Biden team is and how they can’t even get the name of one of the fifty states right. What I’m waiting on is the response from Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) in defense of his home state, because you know it’s going to be good.


Until we get his specific response to Harris’ gaffe and her failures in her job, perhaps we can let this suffice. The people of Louisiana speak for us all when it comes to the Biden-Harris and the Democrats.

Kennedy said the people of Louisiana know the only way they’re going to get cheaper prices is in the voting booth, that most of them and most Americans have concluded that Republicans are not perfect, “but the other side is crazy.”


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