Dems Reveal They Don't Want Kamala in 2024 While She Gaffes and Laughs About Gas Prices

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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have made so many things worse since they came in.

Americans feel like they’re up a creek without a paddle when it comes to Biden. This past week, he hit his all-time low average polling number, according to Real Clear Politics and a super-majority don’t want him to run again.


But the big problem for the Democrats is that as bad as Biden is, people don’t want Kamala Harris either.

Three polls just this month show more than 50% of Americans hold an unfavorable view of Harris, and those headwinds will likely only increase should Republicans retake the House next year. [….]

Political donors — who all requested anonymity to speak freely — are similarly beside themselves.

“She seems completely useless. No one involved in this administration should be in the running,” one significant Democratic donor told The Post.

Oof. That’s brutal, but appropriate, given the fact that she doesn’t seem to have done much except contribute to the failure. Plus, she adds to the bad drama given the staff turnover she’s had, with people fleeing for the exits and calling her a bully.

From the NY Post:

In April alone she lost her Chief of Staff, Tina Flournoy, and Deputy Chief of Staff Michael Fuchs. Staffers have griped anonymously that the mood internally is “dour,” “chaotic,” and that they are “treated like s—t.”

“She doesn’t know how to build a staff that has a common purpose. You see a lot of her staffers are doing their own thing. There is little guidance from her and it just looks messy all the time and all she can do when asked about it publicly and privately is giggle,” lamented a top Democratic staffer on capitol hill. […]

“I just don’t think people are seeing her as a serious contender,” he added. “If she weren’t the vice president she wouldn’t even been ON the list.”


Even Democrats understand the problem with Kamala’s cackle.

Harris didn’t help that perception of her being a serious contender during a conversation with Keke Palmer at the Essence Festival when she, like Joe Biden, doesn’t seem to get who plays what role in this Administration. Biden has frequently slipped and called her, “President Harris.” Meanwhile, Kamala slipped and referred to visiting Joe Biden in Delaware after the election, calling him the “vice president-elect” before correcting herself.

Harris then went over the edge, comparing the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade with slavery.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: And the point has to be this: We have to recognize we’re a nation that was founded on certain principles that are — that are grounded in the concept of freedom and liberty.

We also know that we’ve had a history in this country of government —

Q Exactly.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: — trying to claim ownership over human bodies.

Q Exactly! (Applause.) Yes, that is right.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: And we had supposedly evolved from that time and that way of thinking. So this is very problematic on so many levels.

Yes, sending the decision back to the states to decide in a more democratic fashion, where the people get to vote on the issue is exactly like slavery. How does anyone buy arguments like this that are so divorced from reality?


Harris spoke about what they needed to do to bring down the cost of gas. What they need to do is change their anti-energy approach, and empower the oil companies to produce more, instead of attacking and limiting them. Joe Biden is even blaming people that run gas stations now, most of whom are small business owners. Biden-Harris are blaming everyone but themselves.

Even in this very friendly interview, Palmer indicated how desperate it was getting for people with the gas prices, citing a meme that people were spreading about how to make gas at home. Kamala laughed and said, “Oh, don’t do that. Don’t do that. Please, don’t do that.”

But that’s where we are — people are in desperate straits with inflation and gas prices — while Biden-Harris deflect blame and cackle. And they wonder why even Democrats want to throw them under the bus.


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